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Next time you find yourself struggling with a craving for something you know you'll eat too much of, or fighting depression about your weight or your life, try this: Quit thinking about yourself by helping someone else. When you help others instead of overeating, you’re helping yourself at the same time. You are taking the worry and focus off your problems for a moment, giving a gift of time and attention to someone else. You are helping yourself avoid boredom, self-destructive behaviors, and poor eating habits when you listen to someone else and do them a favor. The next time you want to go off your "Joy of Weight Loss" Eating Plan, try this instead: Call someone and ask them how their day went, tell them you care, show them that you are interested and available. Or carry someone’s groceries, or offer to do an errand. Talk to your neighbor. Stretch yourself and your heart out toward another person.

- Norris Chumley

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