Radio Transcript 

Good evening, welcome to "What Matters" on Prayables Radio I am your host Twana James. I'm a praymaker, a mother, a wife and a member of the online community, where women of all faiths share the common goal of making prayer a priority in our eeryday lives. And tonight we are discussing the topic of prayer in schools, which is a long time debate in the United States. It was in 1962 when the U.S. Supreme court banned public school sanctioned prayer. And many argue that prayer should be allowed and encouraged in the public school systems but others say they don't want school officials, who's religious preference may be unclear, praying with their own children.

The debate has found its way into all areas of the public education system such as prayer being banned from school graduations, school cafeterias, and in one case in East Brunswick, NJ a football coach was restricted from praying with his team players before games. Marcus Boyd was told he couldn't even kneel in silence while his players made a prayer themselves. So how do you feel about prayer in schools and are you in support of it or against it? How would you feel about a school official praying with your child? Would their religion matter to you? Tonight we discuss this issue and welcome your opinion. And let's start with a few people that I talked with earlier this week.

Speaker #1:
Yeah I think that would be a very positive thing, that if that's one of the things that has been taken out of the structure of the school and so I really think it just brings kind of like that serenity to the school.

Speaker #2:
I wouldn't mind depending on what religion they were because I wouldn't want them to be imposing another religion that is different from ours onto them

Speaker #3:
I don't know, think it would be good for some people, then again not everyone believes in God you know? I pray every like...I pray for my food and everything. And so, it would be nice to pray in school.

Speaker #4:
I think prayer should be in school. It's a shame that they stopped that and it would be nice if they put it back in.

Speaker #5:
I think prayer in school has no place because it is geared towards a Christian way of thinking. Now if the school system or whatever would make allowance for different types of prayer, we would be fine, but other than that no, prayer shouldn't be in school.

As you can see, opinions are varied and tonight joining me is Joanne, on line 1. Joanne, I know that you are a parent. Tell me what you think about prayer in school.

I feel that prayer should be allowed in school. I don't have a necessary issue with respects to how its done, but I know that my kids pray regardless of where they are. They've been taught to very much appreciate what they have and to give thanks and we are Christian, so they give thanks to their God, and everything including their food and they pray before meals. I think it is a good thing in my opinion for them for respect, I think they need to have a healthy respect for their creator and a healthy respect for what they have. And they begin the day with that as well.

Do you remember a time when you were growing up praying in school or in the school system? I think I actually do, and I believe we are about the same age.

Yes. And we are the same age. I remember, not necessarily praying in school, but we had the pledge of allegiance and we had a moment of silence and we also had, if Iim not mistaken, I think we said some sort of a morning greeting which included God in the greeting as well. So it wasn't necessarily a prayer but we recognized God in our morning greeting, and this was a public school.