Something that President Donald Trump does well and often is firing people. James B. Comey was dismissed as FBI Director, as we all know, because we can't watch television or be on social media without the incensed rage and discourse about the news. First, let's get this out of the way--there is neither an agenda, nor an interest to stroke the fires of division and, if the president is guilty of obstructing justice, it will come out. If not, he's got a job to do that many elected him for. With cable talk shows, the newspapers and other forebodings, what is a citizen to do amid the unwavering flood of information? The move was made on the recommendations of both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the timing is questionable. With the controversy over the Hillary Clinton's use of an email server and moving into the political arena, the Russian probe (which there is still a lack evidence), the firing is plausible.

Beyond keeping this administration accountable, protecting the American people and upholding the United States Constitution, it ends there. Meanwhile, a heavy mist hovering over the White House perpetrated by mistakes, confusion and malice by people on both sides of the aisles are supporting the monstrosity. The American public doesn't have time for the utter nonsense going on in Washington. No matter what your feelings are on the firing of Comey or whatever other beef there is with elected officials, there are more pressing issues. While everyone is in a tizzy for days, the rest of us need to drag ourselves out of bed and to work in the morning. Here are reasons that need to be considered on why you shouldn't care if Comey was fired.

It feeds the lack of civility.

Most of us are tired of hearing about the election, so get over it, Trump won and Comey is gone. Stop the tears as you can vote against the president in the future. What makes us a great nation is being able to exercise the freedom of speech. Yet, despite all the time that has passed since the election-- the dismissal of Comey, incited further anger. We lost our civility, we don't care about anyone else, but ourselves, and let's face it--the climate is not pleasant. This is especially true if you have a diverse opinion. Civility is about disagreeing without disrespect, exploring mutual ground to discuss differences. Civility has lost its way in the nation.

It makes you more pessimistic.

Allow yourself to think of things that happened to you during the day that makes you happy. Learn to meditate and pray to help you feel more grounded because you are going to hear much more on this incident. "The simplest way to foster hope is to examine the goals that emerge from our desires and ambitions," Stanley J. Gross, Ed.D explained on Psych Central. Make sure that these goals give you something to look forward to. It could be learning a new hobby or attending a workshop. Better, yet, don't listen to the news until you can filter out the junk.

It won't make your life better.

There is enough to contend with during a day. Listening to all the moaning will make your eyes roll. But it won't pay the bills or your house note. How will being tied up in conspiracy theories and whatnot help you? It won't, but it could send you to a therapist.
Do something to switch the narrative off in your head. Psychology Today shared that “Anger is the result of beliefs that lead you to place unreasonable demands on circumstances, such as, life must be fair. Unfairness exists. The belief that you are entitled to fairness results from the mistaken idea that you are special." Ask yourself the question and be honest: Will being sucked into this firing or other breaking news help you have a better life?

It will lead to confusion.

We're not advocating that you stuff your emotions. Researchers have found that not venting can damage your health and create other problems for relationships and it can lead to destructive behaviors. You can't escape modern media and people have their own agendas. With political campaigns being so artfully orchestrated, the media plays into this--they choose the side. The media on the left or right notwithstanding decides what is more important. We are content with being swayed. Given this, you will never have a clear mind to make your own choices. Politics is exhausting and filtering the information, even more of a brain drain.

It may hurt relationships.

We're not trying to become your mother, but remember when she you were told to watch who you hang out with? She was correct! If you are already stressed out, why hang out with a bunch of people talking negatively? If you add politics into the mix, watch out. We are very much influenced by the people in our lives. If you are around hostility, slander, and just miserable people, you will emulate these behaviors.

Politics is like religion and it is personal, so forgo the urge to explore the latest political outrages. If going into a discussion doesn't bother you, be prepared for a heated exchange as civility is lacking. Take 10 seconds, walk away, breathe and return to another conversation. The news of Comey's dismissal has given way to many assertions, and while the timing is suspicious--when it's over, he like others will survive and will write a tell-all book and golf.

For the average person living outside the Washington bubble, the situation does nothing for them. It doesn't cut taxes, lower gas prices or buy food. We make the decision on how deep we are willing to expose ourselves to the rhetoric and the news that does nothing for us. We guess it's business as usual in Washingtionwood.

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