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Being raised in a democratic home many things were taught and scrutinized about American conservatism during the 1980s. Whether it was discussing inflation, welfare or trickle-down economics--the Republicans were a threat to the ordinary guy. We were under Ronald Reagan's two-term leadership at the time. The takeaways during this period were that the 40th President of the United States was for the elite and not for the shrinking middle class (not true). Beyond the mask of conservatism, it was assumed that the Republican Party were a bunch of racists, bigots and misogynists. Of course, we wanted no part of a group like that. So all through the 1980s and all through the 1990s, the selection was a no-brainer for us. We voted for the Democrats without a second thought or raised an eyebrow. However, there was a personal paradigm shift. When you start carving out a career and start to mature, a switch goes off intellectually that you were wrong about the other party. You start thinking more for yourself, and even the mother who reared her democrats came to the conclusion and remorselessly said to "vote for the man, not the party." This is where switching political parties seemed logical. With some guilt, we adopted the GOP and mom even worked for the John McCain campaign in 2000. But crossing over to the other side of the aisle wasn't that exceptional, either. It was decided that politics, no matter who ruled is just a self-serving sport. The little guy is just a vote and a phone number to call when the voting cycle commenced. No matter what, the GOP and Democratic Party lost all appeal by treating the public as loyal subjects. It doesn't matter what party you choose as they are both fundamentally broken and they paid the price in the last general election. If you are tired of the same old Washington tactics where Middle America has been forgotten for years, it's time to turn a corner. And without getting too preoccupied with the 2016 Presidential election--the fact remains that Americans are dissatisfied in how the country is being governed. Politics doesn't work and needs a face-lift. Here are some of the reasons why I don't care about politics anymor.

Everything is scripted.

"No matter what your feelings are regarding Trump, he’s been triumphant..."
How authentic is a carefully scripted speech with talking points? Well, it is not authentic and we don't know what the leader really believes or what is on their mind. Yes, we probably really don't want to know, but clearly, it's like watching a humanoid in slow motion. The sincerity is questionable. The logic behind this is to help avoid contention and to avoid blunders. Yet, it offers up an illusion of a perfect person. Sorry, most of us can see through this garbage and don't listen to a speech anyway. That was until Donald Trump came along and spoke his mind and this succeeded with the voters. No matter what your feelings are regarding Trump, he’s been triumphant in portraying himself as the mouthpiece for the frustrations of the American public — most notably disheartened evangelicals, and right-wing conservatives. He’s apparently on to something--people are sick of de-facto politics in America.

We are told how to think.

With bureaucrats, you are told how to think. Independent thought is elementary. Most of us are all guilty as we believe anything we read on social media and anything we watch on the news. If one party said it, it must be so. We don't do our research and we deceive ourselves. The best method here is to dig deeper and listen to what both parties have to say. If you don't like any of it that is your right--most of it is bull anyway. Make the judgment call yourself.

It is self-serving.

When a person is elected on any level of government, they take an oath to serve the people, right? There are various reasons people decide to get into politics outside of the perks, we hope. This includes passing laws to better the people, the country and even make a positive change. Being in politics has just become a fundraising activity. Nothing gets done, no matter who controls the House. Outside of the Washington, D.C. Beltway, people are not interested in deadlock or fundraising events as they demand to see innovation and reform.

It made us lose faith in our government.

Independents, republicans and democrats have lost faith in Congress and in the government to the point they rather spend volunteer efforts on non-governmental missions. Harvard University's Institute of Politics found that people from the age of 18 to the age of 29 have little faith in Congress. "Only 18 percent said that political engagement was the best way to solve important issues facing the country." This age group and others don't want to be involved in the political game or be used as a pawn and good for them.

Officials are not held accountable.

Legislators have slacked off from working and listening to the voice of Americans. It would be ignorant to believe money will not buy you power and power will not produce allies, but it certainly does. There needs to be more accountability for elected officials if they break the law. They are not exempt from prosecution because of who they are--although they may intimidate those who dare to go against them. We saw this with the Hillary Clinton email scandal and the controversy of George W. Bush over the weapons of mass destruction (lack of evidence) in Iraq during his first term in office.

This article is not coming from a place of bitterness but from a place sensibility. Not all liberals care about the poor and not all conservatives are racists. People can be moral or immoral, regardless of the party affiliation. When we end this divide and ignorance, maybe we will find unity. Perhaps, we might find stalwarts who will fight for all people not just a section of the population. No longer will this voter be chained to one party or to a failed political system. If more people stop the fun in Washington and remind politicians that they work for the people, maybe there will be a revolution of sorts. We observed this from Trump's message that the government belongs to the people and it resonated. Trump will be held to those promises of change or the people will find another representative and party. Mom was right when she said to "vote for the man, not the party."

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