declaration of independence

The preamble of the Constitution "We the people of the United States" are words recognized in the Constitution that many of us remember being taught as kids. There was the assumption and naivety that we live in a unified country--a place where people could speak up in truth on and off the political platform to better America.

Times have changed, and so has America. Although we currently use the Constitution as a foundation, as a nation we have watched our ideologies erode like grains of sand since taking elected officials at their word for decades. Even leaders have felt stifled and afraid to speak up about the two-party system, and the direction the nation is going. GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump was one of them. Trump spoke his mind during the 2016 election and used the terms "politically incorrect" often, and it resonated all over the nation--sparking a cry and outrage over the corruption we know as politics. We have witnessed the same rhetoric, the same sound bites from the same boring leaders for years with no change. Voters are sick of the system, and the party marionettes that are propped up by special interest groups that sway policy.

Where do we stand as a nation, if our own elected leaders are bought and paid for, and how does this eat away at our democracy?

There is little union in the country since nothing is being done to unify. Those who do speak up in the political system are rebuked, or will see their careers flash on by, unless they can't be bought. This was the reason Trump grew in popularity and in the polls. People have accepted what Washington dishes out. At the same time our liberties are being consumed by our complacency to not think for ourselves. Where do we stand as a nation, if our own elected leaders are bought and paid for, and how does this eat away at our democracy? Citizens are taking their Constitutional rights seriously by standing against the establishments, both the Democrats and the Republicans. Many of them are unaffiliated voters. They are changing the political landscape in the America by making the decision to be done with partisan politics. These voters are identify themselves as being an independent, with no more party ties, Pew reported. Researchers found that 39 percent Americans claim they are independents, while those identifying as Republicans were 23 percent, 32 percent identified as Democrats.

For example, young voters moved from the Democrat establishment of Hillary Clinton to Senator Bernie Sanders (Vt.), which pulled in the Millennial and independent vote. On the others side, Trump was steamrolling over his GOP competitors in the race for the GOP nomination, growing his base of supporters who were also fed up with the status-quo. "Our country is in serious trouble. We do not have victories anymore. We used to have victories, but we don't have them. When was the last time anybody saw us beating, let's say, China in a trade deal? They kill us," Trump said during his announcement speech in 2015. Trump's stance on illegal immigration, Iran, and dealing with China has the businessman-turned-reality television star challenging party favorites like Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz. People are sick of de facto politics in America, so Trump's nose up at traditional politics, and calling out lobbyists struck a chord.

People want to hear, what we all know to be true about Washington. It is if you don't have the money, you don't have a voice. The party system no longer serves the people. We have the power to hire and fire those not representing the nation's interests. We are over governed, have no money, are mocked overseas and the ruling classes are suffocating the everyday person's voice with the power to influence legislation. Look at the media how one-sided they are towards a given party. The true investigative reporters are gone, or they are forced to hid findings as it could jeopardize relationships, or ad revenue. Most information we are getting from the media is not accurate and how can change be mage with just a two-party system, anyway?

There used to be a third party in the nation like the Whig Party, which supported the Revolutionary War, but that was dissolved. Today there is the Modern Whig Party, Constitution Party, Green Party, Libertarians, and they are active during elections. President John Adams and James Madison feared that the two-party system would fail the nation--they couldn't have been more correct. The Hill shared that having a third party would give people other options and allow for new solutions. This could impact policy issues and would give more people a voice. "This will get us away from the silly idea that every issue is a death match between left and right. And maybe, just maybe, the debate won't be so stupid and we can seriously address the issues facing the nation."

Gov. Gary Johnson is running for office for the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein is representing the Green Party, but won't likely see a debate. Interestingly, the last time a third-party candidate was invited to a debate was in 1992, when businessman Ross Perot challenged George Bush and Bill Clinton. Fox Business explained that the third candidate really has a disadvantage. This is by lack of exposure and because the Presidential Debates are controlled by the two parties. A former Libertarian Party communications officer told the outlet that breaking through the media barrier is imperative if a candidate wants a platform. "If they get into the debates, it's a totally different ball game," Stephen P. Gordon said. He also shared that the nation has requirements in states for a third-party candidate which can be upwards to 60 thousand signatures. Yet, this is not required of Democrats or Republicans in states.

It sounds like the American people are getting the shaft by not having a third-party option and by allowing those who are politically correct to rule the political game. Whose thoughts are we really hearing today? Do American's feel like "We the people" or do they feel stomped on by a corrupt system? Perhaps this is fight the people of the U.S. need to keep pushing as cracks in both parties are now being exposed. This is by voting for the outsider, or not voting for either party. It is your right to follow your convictions and see through political correctness.

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