CHICAGO, September 17, 2001 (AP) - Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan condemned the ``wild beasts'' who carried out a terrorist attack on America and agreed with government leaders that a strong response is warranted.

But during a Sunday service at Mosque Maryam, he also hinted at doubts about whether the administration should declare war on terrorism.

``Indeed, this was an act of war. The leadership of America and the people of America are justly angry,'' he said. ``We agree with President Bush that there must be an appropriate response, but anger and wounded pride must not determine what the appropriate response should be.''

Farrakhan denounced the attacks in New York and Washington on behalf of the Nation of Islam and American Muslims.

He also said U.S. foreign policy has helped foster overseas hatred of the United States, and suggested policy changes as part of any response.

The overflow crowd cheered as Farrakhan recounted how many people jumped to the mistaken conclusion that Muslims bombed the Oklahoma City federal building in 1995 and talked of attacks against Muslims after Tuesday's tragedies.

``As Muslims, the greatest thing we can do right now is pray because it looks like this war could take American soldiers into Muslim countries and many innocent Muslims could die,'' Farrakhan said.

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