Counseling Resources

A crisis intervention hotline, serving the five boroughs of New York City.

Psychotherapy and Spirituality Institute
A nationwide network of certified multifaith pastoral psychotherapists offering grief and crisis counseling; five locations operating in Manhattan.
Phone: 1-212-242-5019

National Mental Health Association Resource Center
Phone: 1-800-969-NMHA (6642)
TTY: 1-800-433-5959

Mental health services locator provided by the Center for Mental Health Services.
Phone: 1-800-789-2647

AirCraft Casualty Emotional Support Services
Organization that seeks to help the families of victims of aircraft disasters.
Phone: 1-877-227-6435

Crisis counseling info from FEMA
Phone: 1-202-646-4600

Coping With Grief

An online community of people coping with grief and loss.

Provides emotional support and friendship for those dealing with grief.

A Teacher's Guide to Grief
Good resource for teachers and parents about talking to kids about how to cope with grief.
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