You've slaved over the fine print, scribbled calculations, and tested your faith in Uncle Sam. Now, what do you believe about your taxes? Take our completely anonymous, completely arbitrary set of polls below and see what others believe.

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How are you most likely to cheat on your taxes?
Fail to include all income.

Claim a family car as a company. vehicle

Pad your charitable deductions.

Deduct dinner with friend as a business meal.
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Everyone knows waiters, for instance, don't report all their tips. Should we raise tax rates on cash income to compensate for underreporting?
Yes, what a clever idea.

No, it would punish those who follow the rules.

No, high tax rates already encourage underreporting.

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If I suspected my spouse were cutting corners on taxes, I would:
Call him or her on it. I have to sign the return too.

Let it go.

Decide to do the same.

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Is exploiting a loophole--like creating trusts for people you never met--cheating?
No. Loopholes are built into the system.

Yes. It's against the spirit of the law and only available to rich people.

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You give the Salvation Army a bag of old clothes. New, the clothes cost $600. What do you deduct?




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Tax evasion is an act most comparable to:

Burning the flag



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