Excerpted with permission from Salon.com. Read the full text of this article. One of Texas Gov. George W. Bush's closest advisors on religion and the man he's credited with helping him craft his vision of "compassionate conservatism" wrote an opinion column last week in which he slammed three Jewish journalists as having "holes in their souls" and adherents to an educated atheism he referred to as "the religion of Zeus." The Bush advisor -- University of Texas professor Marvin Olasky -- is an evangelical Christian who converted from Judaism. A proselytizing modern-day missionary who edits the Christian magazine World. When contacted about the column, which appeared in the Feb. 16 Austin American-Statesman, Bush spokesman Scott McClellan said, "He's expressing his opinion, not the governor's." Futhermore, McClellan said, "We're not going to get into playing the political game of guilt by association."
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