The Prenup Prison
A prenuptial agreement is a malignancy that feeds on matrimonial happiness. So put down the pen.
By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Signing on for Life...and Love
Prenuptial agreements are a complex issue, and there's more than one reason for doing them.
By Joanne Greene

"Inviting God to Your Wedding:" An Excerpt
The first invitation goes to God
By Martha Williamson

"Why Do You Do This?"
A rabbi's experience with interfaith marriage
By Rabbi Neil Kominsky

A Community of Vows
Wedding vows can be a participatory event for guests as well as the nuptial couple.
By Daphne Rose Kingma

More Than a Bad Dress: A Bridesmaid's Dilemma
By Arthur Magida

Banish the Honeymoon!
Instead of fleeing to a secluded isle, newlyweds should spend some time with those who watched them walk down the aisle.
By Michael Medved

The Counterproposal

One young woman resists on-bended-knee conventions
By Sarah Blustain

A Wedding Gift to Grow On
March 2000
Carol Sturgulewski

On Being Surprised By God
And other (second) wedding day delights.
February 2000
Susan Stewart Potter

Doing it Rite
How do you flip the switch from cohabitation to wedded bliss? A ritual bath is a good place to start.
February 2000
Holly J. Lebowitz

The Two-Bouquet Ceremony
A Burmese tradition that can make your vows more meaningful.
March 2000
Daphne Rose Kingma

Who Wants to Marry the King of Persia?
On Purim, we remember an earlier version of the recent television special. Only this time, the ending is quite different.
March 2000
Andrew Silow-Carroll

With This Ring...
A short history of wedding rings
February 2000
Christine M. Anello

For the Couple Who Has Everything
How Wedding Gifts Can Give Something Back
February 2000
Mary Owen

Your Interfaith Wedding
What to Expect When Approaching Potential Officiants
February 2000
Joan C. Hawxhurst

Three Rabbis, Four Opinions
Rabbis State Their Views on Officiating at Interfaith Weddings
February 2000
Barry Baron, Emily Korzenik, and Charles Familant

Interfaith Invocations
Two Sample Invocations For an Interfaith Wedding
February 2000
Joan C. Hawxhurst

Something New
Mini-Review of "Something New: Reflections on the Beginnings of Marriage" by Amanda Beasley
February 2000
Lauren F. Winner

What's Wrong With A Church Wedding?
Nothing, unless you're afraid to tell your Jewish father you're having one
January 2000
Lauren F. Winner

Who's a Wedding Really For?
A Bride and Groom Negotiate Rocky Terrain with their Families
January 2000
Emily Bloch

Can Marriage Survive?
A Father's Words on His Daughter's Wedding Day
January 2000
Peter Jones

A Short History of Engagement
Interesting facts about the roots of modern engagement
January 2000
Christina M. Anello

I Do?
An Argument For Traditional Wedding Vows
December 20, 1999
David Blankenhorn

Theresa Weisberg's Wedding
An 88 year-old woman's recollection of her wedding day, as told to her daughter
December 20, 1999
Theresa Weisberg

Wedding Traditions from Around the World
Throw flowers instead of rice to end your ceremony with a traditional Indian flourish.
December 20, 1999
Daphne Rose Kingma

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