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If you are in a thriving, healthy, and happy relationship, the devil will be sure to do everything in his power to ruin it.

There is something about a positive Christian relationship that makes satan so very angry, and it’s because it glorifies God in such a powerful way. You are always going to be under some sort of spiritual attack, but when it comes to relationships it’s a war zone. The Bible teaches us that God will be there to help us during these times, but you have to also be aware that it’s even happening.

Here are some lies that satan will tell you while you are dating, and how you can avoid falling into his slimy traps.

"You should never be sad or angry in your relationship."

Society has always told us that a relationship should make you happy. That if you are with the right person, than nothing bad that happens will ever affect you negatively again. You will just be so in love with the person you are with, that you can brush off the small things. Life becomes the perfect fairy tale.

All of these false ideals are the work of the devil. There are certainly many times in relationships where you will experience joy, however it's not going to always be that way. You are allowed to feel sad and hurt and broken in relationships, because we are humans and we make mistakes. When you feel down, that doesn't mean there is something wrong with your relationship. It's healthy to express those feelings.

"There is someone out there better for you."

This one can be tricky, because while you are only still dating someone you are figuring out if this is for the long-term. Sometimes, it's not and marriage isn't in your future. However when you do stumble upon the one God has for you, satan will do everything in his power to tell you it's not the right relationship. The enemy will make you nitpick small things that don't matter in the grand scheme of things. He will tell you that your partner will never grow or change, that there is no hope for your future, and the like. Anything he can to make you feel that you aren't in the place you are supposed to be.

This is why it is so important to have a strong, intimate relationship with our Lord. God will be able to give you the proper direction on what to do with your relationship, and speak louder than satans whispers. Make sure you are listening to the right one.

"No other relationship has these shortcomings."

The enemy has a way of making you feel that you aren't good enough in any situation, including your relationship. You might get on social media and see every other couple's photos where they seem to be living their absolute best life. When you are out with friends you see them with their significant other with huge smiles across their faces, and nothing else. You begin to get scared and nervous about your dating life, because you do have problems every once in a while and there have been times when you wanted to leave. Satan will tell you that every other relationship around you is much healthier and better than yours.

The problem with this is that you are only seeing one side. You are only seeing the part of the relationship that other people want you to see. No one is going to post about how their boyfriend forgot to buy them flowers on their birthday, for example. It's important to remember that no relationship is all sunshine and roses, but rather each goes through their own trials. Your relationship was never built to be perfect 100 percent of the time, so don't worry if you occasionally get into arguments. This is normal.

"Flirting a little bit doesn't hurt."

This is one of the worst ways that satan can tear your relationship apart, and it's completely avoidable. The enemy will tell you that emotionally investing in someone else isn't a form of cheating, and rather only physical intimacy is. This simply is not true at all. When you connect with someone else, even in what you might only see as a "little harmless flirting", is actually a sin in God's eyes. It takes away the trust and love you have with your significant other, and belittles God's ideals for a union. No matter what satan tells you about how cute your coworker is, it's incredibly important that you do not act on any of those action and instead ask God to help you avoid the temptation.

"You are better than the person you are dating."

Satan also likes to tell those in relationships that they are better than the person they are dating. He will convince you that the sins they commit are way more terrible than yours, and that they aren't good enough for you. God, however, doesn't see it that way. God does not view any one child of His as being better than the other, and He certainly doesn't view one's sins to be better or worse than another’s. To God, you are equal partners in the relationship. He loves you each the same. Do not let satan inflame your ego and make you think you are better than someone else, especially the person you are supposed to be in love with.

"God doesn't support you dating."

Sometimes, we may feel that God is incredibly far away. We might struggle to hear His voice or feel His arms guiding us. This is made worse when we are going through a difficult time. Sometimes satan takes advantage of the situation, and will tell you the reason God feels so far away is because He disapproves of something you are doing. Satan will whisper in your ear and tell you to breakup with the person you love who is right for you, citing that God doesn't approve. He will convince you that your relationship is not a part of God's Will, and it's time to end it.

If you are questioning how God views your relationship, don't let satan tempt you into those negative thoughts. Talk with God Himself, a pastor, close friends, your family, or other church members you know and trust. It's even worth talking to your significant other about. Though these avenues, you will get the true clarity you need.

Satan has a special way of getting under our skin, and it’s important to do whatever we can to fight him off. Jesus is always by your side, working towards squashing the devil from reaching you. Trust in Jesus, His Word, and His guidance and you will be able to navigate your relationship without satan’s interference.

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