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Take a moment and answer the following questions honestly. If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, that’s an indication of spiritual warfare in your life. If you answer “yes” to multiple questions, well then, we’ve got some work to do.

    1. Do you feel defeated even though you’re a Christian and you know you’re going to heaven?
    2. Do you find yourself holding onto lies that society or other people say about you?
    3. Are there areas of your life where you’re knowingly sinning on an ongoing basis?
    4. Do you go days and sometimes weeks without actively sensing God’s presence in your life?
    5. Do you ever doubt God’s goodness, His love for you or His ability to provide your needs?
    6. Do you struggle with self-sufficiency and pride?
    7. Are there broken and dysfunctional relationships in your life?
    8. Do you struggle with guilt, shame, fear or anxiety?
    9. Do you have dark and destructive thoughts that you’re afraid to reveal to other people?
    10. Do you tend to live your life in isolation with little to no deep, life-giving relationships?

A “yes” to any of those questions is a faint but noticeable indication that there is something deeper going on underneath the surface of your life, just behind your line of sight. Think of each of these questions like a termite you’ve got running free in your house. Just like termites left unattended will erode the very foundation of your house, the spiritual forces of evil left unchecked will erode everything good in your life until there is nothing left. In fact, that’s been the enemy’s plan all along.

“The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.” John 10:10

If you want to begin to fight back, start by putting on the belt of truth (Ephesians 6:14). Read this post about how to practically put on the belt of truth every day.

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