According to Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway), the ancient Chinese art of object placement and design, it might not be all in your head, instead, it might just be in your bed, the correct positioning of it, that is!

This 4000-year-old, eco-art migrated to the West back in the mid-eighties. Now with its soaring popularity and teachings reaching quickly into mainstream culture, everybody wants to know "what's it all about?" happily had its offices Feng Shui'd by Brooklyn-based Feng Shui Expert, Nancy SantoPietro, author of "Feng Shui: Harmony By Design", and "Feng Shui & Health: The Anatomy of a Home". Now we're teaming up again to create a six-part series that will offer Feng Shui advice, and room/situation analysis (to enter your kitchen next, click here) and many simple tips to get you on your way to having great Feng Shui!


Based on the core principles of Feng Shui design, the bedroom is considered the most important room in the home. Because the average person spends a third of their life sleeping (and in their beds), the quality of the energy that surrounds them during their sleep state will have the most impact on their waking lives.

And although many factors ranging from psychological to physiological can disrupt someone's sleep state, from a Feng Shui perspective, proper bed positioning and good bedroom energy flow are two of the most important factors contributing to good health, rest, romance and happy relationships!

So what helps create good energy flow, great sex and a sleep time that would rival any bear in a cave? Simply, the various elements that make up the design and aesthetics of your room--such as your color choices, the location of your windows, the amount of clutter you have, type of furniture and the overall "feel" of the room.

In Feng Shui, the "chi," or energy, of a space enters the room through its front door and brings with it the life force. Life force carries the energy and the breath that fuels and nurtures your life. Good Feng Shui in the bedroom starts with the bed being in auspicious position with its occupants' facing the front door ready to energetically receive the incoming life force and all the good that it brings. This is a very powerful, life enhancing energy, so although we want your bed (and yourself) to be in a position to face this energy force, it's crucial that you are not in direct line with it!

 In honor of Valentine's Day, today's article, first in the series, will focus on the bedroom--our favorite room to escape to or for some, escape from!

Check out this bed placement illustration. Bed positions # 1, 2 & 3 are the most auspicious for they are in the commanding position of the room, have the largest view of the full room, face the door, but are NOT in direct line with the door.

Bed position #4 is problematic although it has a good view of the room, you have a less desirable angle to the front door, in addition, one side of the bed is against the wall creating an oppressive energy for the individual who sleeps on that side. If you are single it cuts down on romantic opportunities and healthy relationship attractions. Solution: Move bed to positions #1, 2, or 3 or move bed further away from the oppressive and wall towards a better front door viewing position. Place a convex mirror in the upper right hand corner of the room so occupants can effortlessly see the entryway to the bedroom while lying in bed.

Bed position #5 is very problematic. It has the occupants with their backs to the door (and to the positive flow of health, money, relationships, happiness, et). Solution: Move bed to the #1,2, or 3 position or place a large mirror on the wall directly across from the entranceway door so at a glance, the occupants can see the entranceway and reverse the "mouth of the chi" to a more auspicious position.

Bed position #6 & 7 are extremely problematic. They directly face the door or cross with the doorway. This is the least auspicious position and will have the most negative impact on the physical and emotional bodies. Serious health related issues, anxiety, depression, lethargy, and inauspicious luck can develop. Solution: Move bed to positions 1-5 and use suggested cures where appropriate. If the bed cannot be moved then hang a 40mm Feng Shui crystal on a nine-inch-red string from the ceiling between the doorway and the bed. In addition, add a short bookcase, bamboo curtain or mini-screen to act as a divider to buffer the force of the energy flow coming directly at the individuals and bed. (Closing the door will help, but not in lieu of the cure above)