Many people spend countless hours on dating apps looking for that special someone to walk with as your partner in life. Maybe you go for the tall, dark, and handsome types, or you want someone who shares your love of dogs or cats, piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain. Maybe you live for sailing and need a first mate who does too or prefers to marathon your entire Netflix queue in one go and seeks a soulmate who’s also fond of attaching themselves to the couch for hours on end. And that doesn’t even get into potential deal breakers like the way they load the dishwasher, which direction they like the toilet paper to hang, or if they run hot or cold at night.

All quirky tendencies aside, if you’re a person of faith, you may be in the market for a partner who shares your faith tradition. Many dating apps and sites do have space for you to share your religion or denomination somehow. Still, looking for love on a Christian dating site or app increases your chances of matching with someone who can understand that essential aspect of your life. Here are some excellent options.

eHarmony dating app.

Just because an online dating site is not 100% only for Christians does not mean it can’t be an incredible resource for Christian singles. The perfect example is the famous eHarmony. This Christian dating site is responsible for more marriages than any other app on the planet, which should grab your attention. According to the site, someone finds love on the site every 14 minutes. eHarmony has some powerful sorting and matching algorithms that make it one of the world’s best Christian dating apps. The site asks you what your denomination is and how important that is to you. Additionally, expect to answer any other questions about faith, values, ethics, and the other factors that make up who you are as a Christian.

Here’s the best part, eHarmony doesn’t just ask those questions for fun or just to put them on your profile. The app uses your answers in its highly-proven algorithm to find the perfect matches for you. Because of this, it should be no surprise that eHarmony is one of our top Christian dating apps by a long way. If you’re serious about finding Christian love and eventually marriage, you have got to check out eHarmony.

Christian Mingle.

When it comes to the industry leader in the religious dating realm, it’s close between two sites, Christian Mingle and eHarmony. Both apps offer an incredible app platform to help you find the faith-focused relationship you’re looking for. Because Christian Mingle is 100% focused on Christians and is in the company name, it edges out eHarmony by a hair.

Christian Mingle is part of the mighty Spark Network of dating sites and has been helping Christian singles find love since the early 2000s. The site has an impressive network of over 15 million singles, solidifying its position as one of the best Christian dating apps. Once you create an account, you can put a lot of information about your faith, your denomination, and what’s most important to you in your daily life and spiritual life.


With over three million messages sent daily, there are no worries about whether or not the Christian singles on Zoosk are active. According to the Zoosk homepage, there are currently 40 million singles on the site, which means many men and women choose from. Now, it’s important to point out that Zoosk is not solely a Christian dating site. The site does cater to people from all faith groups and secular singles who aren’t interested in a faith-based relationship.

Here’s the good news: number one, this dating app is packed with plenty of Christian singles. Number two, the site comes with a robust suite of features to help you weed out the people you’re not interested in and dial in on the singles looking to build a relationship based around Christianity.

Christian Café.

The dating website Christian Café has been in the game since 1999. With over two decades of experience in the dating game, it’s certainly an attractive option to consider. The one drawback to the site is that it needs graphics and layout facelift. Overall, the functionality is easy, the members are great, and it’s not hard to get started there. It just looks a little like the early 2000s. In reality, that won’t have that big of an effect on your Christian singles search.

Chances are low that when you and your future wife or husband are reminiscing about how you met, no one’s going to talk about the graphics on the site. You’ll be happy that you met. At the very least, we highly recommend hopping over to Christian Café and at least running some searches in your area to see what you find. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Christian Cupid.

If you’ve been around online dating for a while, then you may be familiar with the Cupid family of dating apps. The company is one of the leaders in niche dating websites catering to specific demographics or interest groups. The latest creation from Cupid Group is Christian Cupid. The site is relatively small at this point, but it’s affordable, and somewhere you can head over and search around before you decide to sign up.

Catholic Match.

Catholic Match is an excellent dating app option for Catholic singles. It’s backed by many leaders of the Catholic Church, has a very faith-based approach to dating, and is a must-try for anyone looking for more options outside of the guys and gals you meet at Mass.

Using dating apps to meet someone new has become more prevalent in the recent future. While not all dating apps center around faith and belief, some allow you to choose your religion and whether it’s a big part of your life or not. Your faith is at the forefront of Christian dating apps, and it’s easier to narrow down your picks. With any dating app, it’s always best to be careful and not to put too much personal information out there.

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