Working to maintain harmony should be the goal. People can disagree without being disagreeable. Unity does not mean uniformity but it does mean a desire to move forward in the same direction toward a mutual goal. The antidote for this virus is discovered in the wisdom of the love definition in 1 Corinthians 13:5, "love is never rude, love isn't quick tempered."

Neglect Virus

This final virus is so common it may even go unnoticed. In our busy lives we don’t give enough time to our relationships. Neglecting the relationship can start seemingly small but grow to ultimately be fatal. Part of the neglect is ignoring the feelings of those you love. Another aspect is minimizing the feelings of those same people. A lack of investment means other activities are simply more important than the relationship.

Intentionality is key to keeping a relationship healthy and strong. Scheduling times together, prioritizing the relationship and making sacrifices will make the relationship thrive. The antidote is found one last time in the love definition of I Corinthians 13:7, “love is always supportive and hopeful.”

A virus can make a person very sick and could even kill them. And a relationship virus can do the same and even end the friendship. You can’t expect your relationships to make it unless you treat your friends with love and respect. But if you raise your current relationships to a healthier level and build a firm foundation for future friends you will be happier and healthier.