Let’s face it; your perfect match is not going to just show up on your doorstep with flowers in hand. Looking for that special someone is hard work. And it can seem even harder when you narrow the field of potential matches down to just those who share your same morals and deep love for Jesus. However, that one perfect person that God has intended for you is definitely out there! If you’re looking for love, avoid these three mistakes on your path to meeting “The One.”

1. Being Closed Off

So you’re ready for love, but every time someone tells you about a great match they want you to meet, you cut them off and say, “Thanks, but no thanks.” You may think you’re open to meeting someone new, but if you continuously reject every opportunity to meet new people, then you’re not open enough.

Take advantage of every opportunity put in front of you. Did a friend just invite you to try a new yoga studio, cooking class, or volunteer opportunity? Say yes, put a smile on your face, and introduce yourself to everyone around you. You may or may not meet “The One,” but you’ll definitely make new friends and have a blast trying something new.

And don’t close yourself off from online dating either. More and more people are meeting their mates online and Christian-focused online communities like ChristianMingle.com are helping likeminded singles find their match. Be open and give it a try!

2. Dating the Same “Type”

Think about your past few boyfriends or girlfriends. What were they like? What were their best qualities? What were their worst qualities? Are there any similarities between them? If so, you have a pattern (and that pattern may not be working in your favor).

If you always date the hottie who breaks your heart, consider looking for a match with a great sense of humor. Or, if you always date the “class clown” who never really learned how to be in a serious relationship, find someone looking for a stronger commitment. Just be honest with yourself, look at your past dating history, and avoid the dating mistakes you made in the past.

3. Choosing Your Dates Foolishly

Often, we meet new people by going out to a bar, having a few drinks and flirting with the nearest attractive single. This is not how you would ever look for a new job or hunt for a new house, so why would partake you in this kind of behavior when you’re searching for something as serious as love?

Stop choosing dates by waiting for the hottie at the end of the bar to come over and hit on you. Instead, look for quality matches in quality places: church, your book club, an online dating site for Christians, the list goes on and on. A bar or lounge does not have to be the only place you look for love. In fact, we suggest you don’t look there for love!

If you’re feeling like you’ve looked everywhere and are starting to think that old cliché about “all the good ones being taken” is true, then do what any smart job-seeker or home-buyer would do: Ask your friends for a referral. It may be hard at first, but be open with them about your search for love. Tell them you’re looking for a good Christian match and that you’re wondering if they know someone who may be right for you. You may be surprised at the results!

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