Children and Pet Loss

Two weeks ago my wife went to visit her parents for the week. After running some errands in the afternoon, I came home and found these two ducks in the front courtyard close to our front door. They had a sweet feeling to them and the next thing I knew I was giving them some fresh water and bird food. They seemed content and stayed for a few hours continually eating, drinking, cleaning their feathers and resting, and then repeating the cycle in varying order.

It was quite an extraordinary experience. There were so many intimate and breathtaking moments of being with these special spirits. It was rich with life and sharing. The ducks could feel my sincere welcome and they accepted my invitation for the rest of the afternoon until sundown. They let me hang out just a few feet away from them on the front porch as they ate or rested for more than four hours.

And so it came to pass, they came back to visit me every day between one and three times a day. They would gracefully waddle under our front gate and up towards the front door for me to come out and greet them. Then I would give them some water and food and they would stay for at least an hour and sometimes as much as 9 hours a day.It is incredible how comfortable they feel being here and how comfortable I feel being here with them too. After a few days I gave them names, Grace and Galahad, which by the way they both agreed to and accepted happily…..quack quack. Grace is so beautiful and graceful and Galahad is her protector, always watching over her and making sure she is safe and secure.

My wife, Denise is a animal lover and told me how special this is for these two ducks to trust me during mating season. Denise suggested I look up ducks in her book Animal Speak, The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by Ted Andrews.

“KEYNOTE: Emotional Comfort and Protection. Water is necessary for all life on earth. Nothing can live without it. Ducks can remind us to drink of the waters of life as well as to nurture our own emotional natures. Ducks have a great ability to show affection and they are very community oriented. They will also return to wherever they feel safe and comfortable. Ducks can sometimes remind us to return to those parts of ourself or those activities that we feel safe and comfortable in as well.”

I was going through a powerful health and spiritual cleansing at the time my wife had to go care for her parents. I went through four intense days of detox, release and renewal and the universe sent these two sweet ducks to comfort and protect me (at first I thought I was taking care of them) The universe always supports you. Thankfully I recognized a special opportunity when I saw these ducks in our courtyard and did my best to be appropriate. Their “quack quack” was actually a wakeup call for me.

On Saturday, Denise came home in the afternoon and Grace and Galahad mysteriously did not come visit. It was as if they knew my honey was coming home and we needed some alone time. Sure enough on Sunday, they came back and found a surprise. Denise bought a large plastic tub to fill up with water so the ducks could take a bath and swim. Little did we know how much fun Grace would have. She is in and out of the pool frequently to eat and then goes back in to bathe and clean her feathers. Watching her go to town in the water heals our hearts.

The universe sends special friends, spirits and angels to you so pay attention.

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