mother praying with childDear Daughter,

I wish there was a way to shield you from all the hate that you’ll encounter in life. I’ve looked into enclosing you in a bubble but I figured that would probably be quite cumbersome and the bubble may attract more attention than wanted. And I’m pretty sure it would be uncool if I walked behind you and defended you to anyone and everyone that gave you trouble however, if you think this is an option I will totally do it!

There is no other way to put it – you’re going to encounter cruel people and I have no inclusive answer as to why they are this way. I need you to understand and remember that everyone has a different story in life. Some are a little more jaded and have an extensive list of chapters. And a lot of times it’s not their fault. They have to find their own path in life. When you encounter someone who is twiddled down and miserable within their own misery, I need you to stay strong. I need you to stay your positive bubbly self and dismiss their bad attitude.

Do your best to stay true to yourself and do not allow their words to change who you are. You will meet people that challenge your existence and belittle you. When this happens I need you to remember how wonderful you are - dig deep and find the greatness of your existence. (You’re pretty awesome, so you won’t have to dig too deep. I am your mom, so I may be a little bias.)

Never settle for people that want you to be something you’re not. Now when I say that, I should clarify myself. Encompass yourself with people that challenge you to be a better version of you without causing you to question your integrity or your overall make up. People that truly love you and want to be in your life will want you to be yourself and never ask you to change. Good people will motivate you to achieve your goals and aspirations, they’ll never ask you to do anything that will get you into trouble or force you into something that will cause pain in your life.

The reality is girls are mean and boys will break your heart. Believe me, if I could isolate all of the bad eggs I would - and yes there is a part of me that wants to mother these bad apples but I know that you’ll just take the heat if I do. So I will stand back and I will only step in when it’s absolutely necessary. But I will always be there to guide you and give you advice. However, I’m afraid by the time you hit the dreaded teenage years that you may not think I know what I am talking about. Because, those crappy friends that I’m referring to will be the people that you want to associate with because you think they’re cool.

Don’t settle for those crappy friends. Challenge yourself to do and be better. You’ll find if you continue to be true to who you are and what you believe in then everything tends to fall into place. It won’t make sense at first but I promise if you don’t allow people to influence you negatively you’ll find your way much easier. And while these cool people and cliques seem important – in ten years you won’t even be able to recall these so called besties and cool people.

mother daughterIf you take anything from this remember to always be you. Be the best version of you and never allow people to make you be someone that you’re not or don’t want to be.

Mom (also known as Mommy)

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