Have you ever seen a cardinal at a time when you needed comfort? Cardinals have always had a deep spiritual meaning, tracing back to when they were first named. According to the Farmer's Almanac, when European settlers came to North America, they noticed these birds with a bright red hue that closely resembled the red vestments of Roman Catholic leading bishops.

It adds that the bird's jaunty crest resembles the shape of the church officials' headgear, especially the tall, pointed miter. Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, pastor of Our Lady of Grace in Indian Land, South Carolina, told Fox News Digital that the red color of the cardinal is seen as a symbol of Jesus' blood, adding that, in Christianity, it's the blood of Jesus that opened to gates of paradise to humanity. Due to this religious correlation, many believe a visit from a cardinal serves as a heavenly communication or sign from a departed loved one.

What a red cardinal symbolizes.

The unique color of the cardinal, the males are bright red, while the females are typically a pale brown, with warm reddish hues on their tail, wings, and crest, bring a great sense of joy to some when they see the magical bird. Fr.Kirby added that the encouraging presence of cardinals in sad moments has created a cultural association of the birds with hope and the presence of our dearly departed loved ones.

Many people have noticed a cardinal's presence when they bury a loved one or in times of great sadness connected to a departed family member. This common occurrence can mean a loved one is close by, and the person you're thinking of will always love you. CaringCardinals.com says that people have often reported that they start seeing cardinals frequently after the death of a loved one. Seeing a cardinal for the first time, or more commonly than usual, can signify to your loved ones that they'll always be near you and feel your love.

The Bible asks are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Still, none of them will fall to the ground apart from the Father. Even our heads' hairs are counted, so we shouldn't be afraid. We are of more value than most sparrows. The text uses birds as an example to share a lesson that points to God's presence in our lives. Fr. Kirby believes that God can use a cardinal if He can use a sparrow.

It's possible that God would send a cardinal to someone grieving and in anguish. The bird's spirit would certainly complement such a special mission. The cardinal might not be your loved one incarnate, but it may be a physical manifestation of the Lord's providence that you can see. Here are some other spiritual meanings behind seeing a cardinal.

A transformation is happening.

According to Alyson Charles, a spiritual teacher, seeing a cardinal can indicate a bold change waiting to happen in your life. Whatever that change is for you, she says that seeing a cardinal invites you to trust yourself and your evolutionary processes to go to the core of this change and embrace it.

You may need to connect to your root chakra.

With its head-turning red color, cardinals also relate to the root chakra, particularly regarding changes you're going through. Charles explains that any time we're going through substantial transformations, which also typically involves an urging to expand and rise in consciousness, it's essential to stay connected, stay in your body, and be grounded. As such, practices to help harmonize and balance your root, like spending time in nature, are good. Affirmations can also support you in your time of transformation.

You're free to express yourself.

When you think about cardinals, you think bold, and that's what this bird wants you to become. Charles says that seeing a cardinal is a reminder not to withdraw but to express yourself and open up. Perhaps your initiation or transformation brings up feelings of embarrassment or shame, eliciting a desire to hide. However, cardinals ask you to do the opposite.

Loyal people surround you.

Cardinals are known for their loyalty, mating with one partner for life. This gives them a connection to loyalty, partnership, and monogamy, and if that's what you're seeking, you can take seeing a cardinal as a positive sign, especially if you see one when you're thinking about your partner or when you're with your partner.

You're connected to the spirit realm.

As aforementioned, cardinals are typically considered couriers from the spirit realm, either connecting you with guides or dearly departed loved ones. Many people discuss seeing cardinals after a loved one passes away, with the bird's bright red hue offering support and comfort.

What to do if you keep seeing cardinals.

If cardinals keep appearing, there's likely a message available for you. As Charles explains, any power animal likes to get an invitation from you before working with you. Seeing a cardinal in your window isn't surprising and may have a special meaning, depending on your situation. Any of the meanings mentioned above may still apply, but the window is unique because the cardinal appears to you in your home.

Our homes are our havens and safe spaces from the world. For a cardinal to appear, that can indicate a need to tap into your power and energy to keep your home secure and safe. Perhaps that means working with your root chakra, setting firmer boundaries, or facing any fears you've been avoiding. The next time you see a cardinal, God may send you a message from a dearly departed loved one.

God's providence could allow a bird to serve as a reminder and a sign to us of the presence of our loved ones and their care and kindness for us. Animals can appear to us in many ways, each with unique insights and messages. In the case of the cardinal, this bright red bird reminds us that our loved ones are always with us, bold expression, and of the importance of security and strength.

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