When trying to figure out how to be happier, it’s easier to concentrate on all the negatives you need to get rid of in your life: comparing yourself to others, toxic positivity, and those weekly phone calls from your mother-in-law. Weeding out repulsive things can help, but it’s just as essential to take an additive approach and think about the little things you can add to your life to lift your spirits. With that in mind, here are some things you can do daily or weekly that can make you considerably happier.

1. Calling a family member once a week.

You could call and check in on someone, like your grandmother. Even if the conversations are cheery, they can strengthen your bond and perception of each other. It’s amazing how something as simple as talking with a loved one in this way can bring such fulfillment and joy to your life.

2. Give your electronics a curfew.

Some people find happiness in giving their electronics a curfew with no internet scrolling, social media, or any device an hour before bedtime. You could also stop charging your phone next to your bed at night. It can make a world of difference in your mental health and sleep. You can charge it in a place where you know you’ll check it in the morning, like beside your coffee pot, so that you won’t look at it right before bed or first thing in the morning. It’ll be a complete game-changer.

3. Consider what you love about your spouse, not what annoys you.

Any time your partner or husband annoys or irritates you, which may be often, think of something positive about them that you appreciate or admire, and there may be many. It can really change your relationship for the better, which makes both of you happier.

4. Start adding, “and that’s okay” to the end of your sentences.

There are some times when saying “and that’s okay” helps to take the sting out of life’s inevitable rollercoaster. You might’ve dropped a tub of hummus on the floor and your son might have head lice, and that’s okay. Instead of going down a doom spiral of something you messed up or haven’t achieved, this three-word phrase helps you realize that everything you have to fight with is workable. It’s also a great phrase to stop you from sliding into analysis paralysis and connect you with the actions you need to take in creating the change you want.

5. Use fragrance to improve your mood.

Perhaps your new hyper-focus should be perfume. It could be fun learning about new releases, different notes, various brands and how perfume changes over time on your skin. It may be best to make it a point to use your favorite perfume, even when you’re home all day in sweatpants and a T-shirt. Getting whiffs of a smell you love can instantly put you in a good mood, plus you may love the ritual of putting perfume on in the morning, after a shower, and before you go to bed. It’s indulgent self-care and can make you happy.

6. Validate yourself instead of seeking it from others.

Something small you can do is start being consistent and intentional in validating and recognizing yourself in every aspect of your life. This tactic can gradually help you take your power back from seeking validation from others and leaning too much into fulfilling others’ expectations. It can also make you drastically happier because now, you see, hear, and care for yourself much better. Before you can navigate pouring from an empty or full cup, having the capacity to recognize how beautiful your cup is allows you to embody the love and power you deserve to share and receive.

7. Take long hikes every weekend.

You could go for increasingly longer hikes on the weekend to make you happier, as most people enjoy being out in nature. You could start with 30-minute mini walks, which may exhaust you initially, but eventually, you could build up to three to four hours. You may not think you’ll enjoy it as much as you do, but you’ll find yourself smiling and sorting out your stress, just breathing out. It’ll make you laugh how you’ll drive to the local shop two streets away but do 16,000 steps up hills, around lakes, and over rickety bridges. While you’re out, take some photos to commemorate the moment.

8. Look at the headlines once or twice a day.

Some people always have the news channel on in the background and have to be the first to know what’s going on. However, you might find that not watching the news makes you happy. You can still keep up with current events, but you may find that you’ll be less depressed by checking the headlines once or twice a day.

9. Pick up an old hobby.

If you want to make yourself happier, picking up a hobby you used to do, like playing the piano, may lift your mood. Picking an old hobby back up can exercise different parts of your brain, reduce your stress, and increase your mood by filling your house with music. You can choose your favorite composer to play, and your family can applaud you from wherever they are in the house when you’re finished.

10. Challenge yourself physically.

You could also try challenging yourself physically by picking up a new sport, like pickleball. It can be humbling to be a beginner at something and exciting at the same time. You could also go on daily walks if you’re able. You can start by walking at least one mile every day, which can improve your mental health when paired with antidepressants. Boxing can also be good for your brain health. It can improve your mood and make you a happier person in general.

Fixing your eyes on the negative can be easy when you’re going through life’s ups and downs. However, by focusing on the bright side and what makes you happier, you can change your mood and start being happier with what’s going on in your world.

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