Dear Iyanla:
I'm a 45-year-old woman with an MBA and 20 years in the business world. Almost two months ago I lost my job. I had been working for someone younger who kept criticizing and belittling me. My self-confidence is low, and I get extremely nervous going on job interviews. Can you help?

When a caterpillar dies, a butterfly is born! What you describe as a job loss could also be an opportunity to spread your wings. Let us begin by re-languaging what you call a job loss. May I offer that you were forced out of an abusive situation-what a blessing! It would serve you well to consider why you would choose to give someone who has treated you poorly so much power in your life.

Because energy follows thought, what you are thinking about yourself creates your reality. Believe it or not, it has absolutely nothing to do with how you were treated by someone who did not recognize your brilliance. Your departure is their loss! I encourage you to step out of the cocoon you have created by affirming who you are rather than suffering because of who you were not.

If your self-confidence is low, pick it up by recognizing the lessons you learned in your past experience. Make a commitment to yourself not to accept or tolerate anything less than the respect and honor you know you deserve. Rather than focusing on what happened, visualize what you would like to experience in a new work situation. On your next interview, remember who you are and be willing to share your true colors with your prospective employer.

In the meantime,
Be Blessed!

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