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Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotional state consisting of psychological and psychophysiological responses to a real external threat or danger," as described by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association.

Fear is just wretched a times and can really shake our faith. We all deal with this evil foe. There are big fears and little ones that sneak into our daily lives. We deal with bigger fears like a loss or a smaller fear that it might rain. Fear comes in all forms and can strike at any time. We are told by Jesus in John 14:27 that He will give us peace. "Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."

Jesus stated this for a reason as He knew that we would face impediments. One of those challenges is fear. This emotion is a vice used by the devil and what starts as a thought can enslave us because of our feelings. It is a ploy of the enemy to drive us to make the wrong decisions or to not step in faith because of panic. What happens is we become stagnant and even paralyzed in our spiritual lives. Ultimately, it prevents us from being in the will of God. We invite you to consider inspiring tips from author and evangelist Joyce Meyer to help you overcome fear.

Watch your thoughts.

Transforming your thought life play is an integral part when it comes to fear. The mind is a battlefield because it is the hardest to control. "Part of why it's hard is because Satan will attack you with lies and deceptions. You need to guard yourself against that. If you don't, your life could be one miserable day after the next," Meyer said. Our fears can enter through our minds and then it slips into our emotions. Stop contradictory ideas at the front door. If not, your mind will become a dumping ground.

Stop the useless negative inner chatter.

How do you stop self-talk that is keeping you in fear? You need to talk back to it. Meyer reminds us that it doesn't mean that we are crazy she explained in the book Power Thoughts. Your thoughts are "talking" to you all the time. And the way you talk to yourself is one of the most important things in your life. You can never get beyond what you think—especially what you think of yourself. "We just get into more of an irrational jumble when self-doubt comes along that you are a failure or life is over as you know it. These are false, faulty and misleading inner voices that need to be suffocated.

Be confident that Jesus is with you.

If we don't know that Jesus loves us, it is laborious to move out in faith and to master fear. If God sent Christ to you and adored you above the angels, you should feel loved and that He is with you. "He wants us to know without a doubt that we are made right with Him through the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross — especially on those days when we feel unworthy of His love," she said. When skepticism comes, shoot it down by the revelation that you are a child of a King.

Read the Bible.

Shake up your faith and cast doubt by reading the Word. People can preach all day to you, but if you don't know Scripture or don't know what God said in the Bible, you will be going in circles. The Bible said if you continue in the Word, you will be set free. This means from fear, moments and whatever is haunting you. "I think very often we're taught to read the Word, and reading the Word is good, but I think that we also need to understand the importance of studying the Word," Meyer told Christian Today. Start with a chapter or find something that speaks to you. This is vital in building a substantial base.

Know who you are in Christ.

When you don't have the self-confidence of who you are in Christ, your confidence will become unsettled. This opens us to more fear. Really dig into the Word and write down Scripture that talks about who you are Christ. If you allow doubt to enter, it only engenders more fear. Ask the Lord for direction to show you where to start. "If people let God speak to their hearts before making a decision, then doubt can be eliminated. At the same time, they should remember that God is always on their side, no matter what happens," Meyer said. If you need help, talk with a friend, attend a Bible study or start reading devotional.

Face your fears.

One of the biggest challenges in slaying the fear dragon is not facing them head-on. We like to stuff our fears so we can forget that they exist. We can do this by taking on one fear at a time and standing up to this voracious bully. "When you begin to worry, go find something to do. Get busy being a blessing to someone; do something fruitful. Talking about your problem or sitting alone, thinking about it, does no good; it serves only to make you miserable," she said. When doubt comes that God has forsaken you, return to the assurance that He will never forsake you.

Life is hard to sustain on your own. Don't allow fear to overcome you and stall you in life and in your walk with God. When we become a believer, we become a new person in Christ. "He has peace and joy, so we have peace and joy, " Meyer explained. "In Christ, we can do whatever we need to do with His boldness." Allow the voice God to echo louder than the spirit of fear so you can face the day with boldness. 
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