Can You Ever Really Be In Love with the "Wrong Sign"?

Your Daily Horoscope is a wonderful introduction to the miraculous and very complex world of astrology.  Those who take the time to investigate the subject further in order to learn more about themselves are never disappointed. But the heavily-read 12 horoscope signs in newspapers and magazines are less than the tip of the iceberg in a vast and intricate system of splendid cosmic order.

Those seeking the advice of an astrologer typically ask about their family, their job, their health, and what their purpose is in life. By far the most frequently asked questions involve love and relationships. After all, when we have found love and a connection with someone else, everything else seems doable.

Speaking of love and of the stars, one of the most frequently asked questions of astrologers is something like this: "I'm a Sagittarius and my boyfriend's a Cancer.  Our signs say we're not supposed to get along very well, but we do--why?"

The answer is simple: you (and your boyfriend) are much more than your sun sign. Rest assured that if you are in a relationship with someone, be it a friend, a lover, a co-worker, or anyone in your family, your charts are connected.

The truth is that any two signs can get along with each other because 'synastry' (a.k.a. understanding how charts relate to one another) involves comparing and analyzing all of the planets involved in both charts. 

In chart comparisons the Moon represents the home, security, and inner life; Mercury represents communication; Venus represents affection and taste; Mars represents physicality and competition; Jupiter represents philosophy, religion and travel; Saturn represents Karmic responsibility and "time" contracted to spend with one another; "Uranus" represents electricity and instant attraction; Neptune represents psychic attunement; and Pluto represents transformational potential.

Other points to consider are the ascendant (rising sign), descendant, the Midheaven and the IC of the chart as well as the Moon's nodes and Vertex (a point of fate).

For fun, why not get a free chart online of you and someone you care about, and see how many points connect? The chart may convert even the most die-hard skeptic as to astrology's validity.

Still Haven't Found the Love of Your Life?

Don't fret.

Ongoing intimacy and the warmth of a committed relationship seems to elude many of us in the 21st Century.  There are  many possible reasons why this is so. One idea worth entertaining requires you to be somewhat open to the process of reincarnation:

For century after century, many of us have been mothers and fathers concerned with the physical survival of ourselves and those we love.  This has left little time for reflection or spiritual growth. This idea was first presented to me by an excellent past life reader, Reverend Roberta Herzog.

I believe, and this is just one woman's opinion, that some of us may have chosen a life with fewer distractions and entanglements in order to have more time to work on ourselves.  We didn't want to respond constantly to the needs of others. So many women (and men) that I know and that I have given horoscope readings to are in their 30s, 40s and 50s.  They are older and have probably experienced more soul-growth in this lifetime than in the last ten lifetimes put together.

Many of us will most likely experience the joy of commitment much later in our lives, whether with a soulmate or a partner with whom we will share quality time and love with--sans the responsibility of raising children.

I believe the key is to remain open and creative about the way in which we are living, and to appreciate the freedom that many of our lives have for the first time in centuries.

Now that's something to celebrate!

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