Reprinted with permission from "The Year Ahead 2005", c 2005 Susan Miller.

In 2005, love will turn serious and should bring interesting life lessons. This comes as a result of teacher planet Saturn, which is due to enter your fifth house of true love in late July for a two-year visit. If you have found love hard to find, ask yourself if you are avoiding a relationship due to a past disappointment. If you want love and have been unconsciously been avoiding attachments, being aware of this tendency may help you move forward much more effectively.If you feel you have an excellent relationship you may find that a few obstacles keep cropping up. Your sweetheart or spouse may need to travel a great deal, or be preoccupied with studies or their job. It's even possible your other half may need to live apart from you for a while for any number of good reasons, such as to take a rare job opportunity overseas, attend to a complex family matter, or to serve in the armed forces. You may also discover that a new partner is not fully available, perhaps due to an impending divorce that has not yet been finalized. Saturn will set up these barriers to test the depth of your feelings, and to teach you to be more practical, patient and realistic about what to expect from another person in a relationship. Despite these problems, the outcome to a new or present alliance could be quite upbeat, thanks to the presence of good fortune Jupiter in your house of marriage. You could get engaged or married sooner than you think-watch April or October for reasons to move up your timetable. If you are already wed, your chart shows that your partner will do exceptionally well in 2005, and you will benefit as a result.Taurus
Mars will give you enormous sex appeal during in the second half of 2005. You'll feel sexy and energized, and you may find yourself flustered at the ease you are able to attract intriguing new people to your orbit, almost like bees to honey. If you fell in love last year--or if you are already married--your deepening attachment this year will show you what love is all about. Watch for thrilling romantic developments to take place near your birthday, and in November. A number of disruptive eclipses over the past two years that fell in Taurus and in your opposite sign of Scorpio have brought you may sudden ups and downs in matters of the heart, but you seem ready to leave that phase behind. You can now look ahead with healthy optimism, and with good reason. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, vision and expansion, will enter your house of marriage at year's end-to stay there until the end of 2006-and will bring you all the opportunity you need to paint your heartfelt dreams on a grand canvas. Gemini
2005 rates a "ten" for love and romance in this golden, glorious year! Jupiter, the great benefactor, will increase your powers of attraction many fold. An important new relationship may come up in spring or fall. Jupiter will be traveling in Libra most of this year, the sign that rules marriage, so you may find yourself moving rapidly through the many of the stages of love, from first meeting, courtship, engagement, marriage, to baby, in short order. If that's what you want, Jupiter will help you realize as many of those steps as you feel ready to take. Romance will take a number of twists and turns, but whatever occurs will only thicken the plot and give your love life added zest. When it comes to love, in 2005 you're the zodiac's golden sign.Cancer
Saturn's recent visit to Cancer had some influence over your romantic life. It must have been hard to allow yourself to be vulnerable in love under such difficult life conditions. If you broke up, new love will grow again in the second half-watch November for absolutely thrilling signs of life. Those who are attached and stayed together can rejoice-part of this trend was to test the determination of you and your partner to stay as one. If you are single, keep in mind: Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will move into your fifth house of true love for the first time in twelve years at the end of October and remain there thirteen months. This is fabulous news, for this one aspect will give you one of the best opportunities in over a year to find the love you know you deserve. Many people report that they meet their true love when Jupiter takes up this position in their chart. If you are married, this same house is the house of "baby" so your wish for a child may be granted this year, a very exciting prospect. Jupiter's position suggests that you will be able to spend more time tending to your private, personal life, and maneuver it just so, to make it all that you have imagined it to be. Leo
As you enter the New Year you'll be in no mood to buckle down to a dreary schedule-and there will be no reason to do that! Just the opposite, your chart shows that socially, you'll be just cranking up! Your spirits will be high, so if you hope to meet someone new and intriguing, plan to be out circulating. A relationship started in January could set the tone for the rest of the year. Valentine's Day could be the best you've seen in years, for it brings a near ideal meeting of Jupiter and Neptune, the glamorous planet of romance. Summer will bring a decision-point about the person you've been dating-and no matter what decision you make, it seems to work in your favor, so do so with confidence. The social tone of the year won't quit. By December you'll be the brilliant sparkler at any gathering. Married? You may have plenty to celebrate when you hear that the stork is about to deliver a little bundle of joy. Most of the year, no matter what your status, you'll have more invitations for parties than you could possibly attend. Male or female, you'll need more than your usual number of outfits to wear to all these lavish affairs! Virgo
Romantically, if unattached, January through March should prove to be a captivating time to find new love. Later in the year, the winter holidays will also sparkle with New Year's Eve 2005 one of your best ever. Plan to ring in 2006 in style. Attached Virgos may have some sleepless nights over the erratic behavior of a long-term partner. Watch February, May, June and September as months when hidden resentments may come out in the open. As hard as these moments might be, they will allow you to clear the air and start fresh. If your partner pushes you too hard, you'll leave, possibly quite suddenly. If you both love each other, you will work through things. In that case, you could make your relationship stronger than before. A rather important trend involving Saturn's departure from Cancer in mid-July should have a very upbeat effect on your social life too. You may have felt that you had too few supportive friends, perhaps because you moved to a new locale and haven't had time (or the luck) to make new friends. Or, you may have worried about the welfare of a certain friend, such as if your friend was ill and needed certain treatments. Perhaps you even went with your friend for a visit.