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This is a dreamy, visionary New Moon. The sea-god Neptune at 11 Aquarius closely conjuncts the Sun and Moon, casting a net of undersea stars over the stellar lights. Big-thinker Jupiter at 13 Leo opposes this line-up, generously filling Neptune's net with shimmering treasures of wishes-come-true. Aquarius, the sign of this lunation, has always been about dreaming the future. The potent influences of both Neptune and Jupiter intensify the Aquarian out-of-this-world aura of this lunation; together, they combine to make visions of utopia dance in our souls. Suddenly, our wildest dreams seem within our grasp.

The art of astrology is based on consciously working with the rhythm and mood of a particular moment in time in order to achieve the best possible outcome. This New Moon is especially favorable for laying the spiritual groundwork for a more fulfilling and harmonious tomorrow. Like the movie by the same name, we can harness the energy in the stars to build a "field of dreams" that will attract to us the future we desire - both for ourselves and for society.

In this endeavor, we can look to other disciplines outside of astrology for inspiration. Consider, for instance, scientist Rupert Sheldrake's theory of "morphic resonance," in which physical matter is shaped by invisible patterns in nature. Or, reflect upon the research of Jungian analyst Michael Conforti, who has written about the interconnection between "field, form, and fate" - or how our psyches shape our lives and even influence those around us. Think about futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard's philosophy of "conscious evolution" in which humankind, through awareness and foresight, can alter the future in a positive direction. Change the field - change the landscape of your life, say these Aquarian-minded theorists.

As the world's mystics have all taught, creative transformation begins with focused concentration. Thus the first step in tilling your field of dreams is to build up a positive energy field through meditation and silence. Like the pure sound of a bell ringing, return to your spiritual center. Let the core of timelessness in your being transmute doubt, fear, and anxiety into faith, trust, and calm. From this deep place of quietude, ask that the destiny you desire be in harmony with the will of the Divine. Then, as if projecting a movie onto a screen, imagine the life that you would like to be living. As script writer, determine the plot and theme. As producer, find the means to make it happen. As director, organize all the parts of your dream into a coherent whole. As starring character, see yourself as the person you've always dreamnt of becoming. Don't hold back - life will do that for you anyway. Now is the time to let go and let your imagination blaze forth in bold and brilliant technicolor. Add music to your vision, as well, and hear the melody that underscores your unique dream. After imagining the life you would like to be living, repeat the same exercise for the culture at large. What kind of world would you like to be living your dream in? What is its theme, and who are the stars? Imagine, for instance, at world at peace, where creativity and spirituality are the focus, and poets and meditators occupy positions of compassionate influence.

Yet another way of building your field of dreams is by strengthening a quality that will help you to manifest a vision. As a writer, for instance, I often begin my work by constructing a protective buffer zone of silence between myself and the world; this helps to filter out unnecessary distractions that prevent me from listening to my inner voice. Yet another person might need to consciously cultivate the quality of courage, suffusing their aura with fortitude. Still another might need to build up their energy field with the quality of serenity, as a way to offset the debilitating effects of anxiety or mental restlessness.

Like a river that runs through your everyday life, allow these meditations to water your soul during the several days surrounding the New Moon. Then, in the weeks building up to the Full Moon, bless the field of dreams that blossoms into being around you.

(Look for the Aquarius Full Moon February 16, 2003)

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