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"Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground." --Rumi

Two potent T-squares mark out the heavens this Libra Full Moon. In the first, the cardinal signs of Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra are squared by Mars in Capricorn. The second alignment involves the fixed signs of Jupiter in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius, squared by Mercury in Taurus. In his book, *Dynamics of Aspect Analysis,* astrologer Bill Tierney describes a cardinal T-square as "invigorating and extroverted. It propels one to enterprise exciting situational activities that require much aggression, courage, straightforwardness, and active personal effort." The fixed T-square, writes Tierney, possesses "enormous power reserves and emotional stamina (that) help the individual to endure all sorts of setbacks and obstacles without buckling under, giving up, or losing his purposeful sense of direction."

The double impact of two T-squares this lunation compels the refined Libra Moon - the essence of love, harmony, and beauty - to face the dark side. Mercury in Taurus and Mars in Capricorn - the focal planets of the T-squares - represent the forces of hard-headed pragmatism. Even the Sun in warrior Aries seems to challenge the peace-loving Libra Moon to make Her lofty ideals a reality. Thus for many, this Full Moon may bring about a crisis in which the heartfelt desire to make a difference by making the world a better place is undermined by powerful forces that lie far beyond individual control.

But as the mystics have taught, every crisis is an opportunity to deepen and expand consciousness. The cosmic test conveyed through the stars this Libra Full Moon seems to be how to stay true to one's highest ideals without giving up hope. In fact, as the symbolism of the assertive cardinal T-square seems to indicate, the forces of resistance may be just the push we need to translate abstract principles into concrete action. Likewise, the stability of the fixed T-square, if harnessed, can provide us with the stamina to endure the inevitable setbacks and failures that attend any project. The key that unlocks the riddle of this lunation may lie in cultivating a deeper understanding of beauty - the archetype of Libra - as a hidden secret longing to be known. "Our trust and confidence in the beauty of the soul helps to draw out that hidden beauty which must shine out one day," said the Sufi mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan. "Beauty is eternity here below," wrote the philosopher Simone Weil.

So this Full Moon, take the beauty and idealism of the Libra Full Moon and marry it to the visionary fire of the Aries Sun. Find the beauty that will save the world - and take steps to make it a reality. Injustice, poverty, and environmental degradation are all forms of ugliness that call out to be transformed. Pick an action, and consecrate it as part of your spiritual practice to bring beauty to the planet. This may mean writing a letter to your representative regarding a local environmental issue. Or, it might mean planting a flower while holding the thoughts of those who are suffering the wounds of war. Honoring the Libra Full Moon might mean balancing the scales of justice by drawing attention to wherever human rights and civil liberties are being violated. Or, it might mean calling upon Libra's diplomatic skills to resolve conflict and or defuse a tense situation.

With the Moon in Libra as our guide, we can illuminate the way to a more beautiful world, the peaceful Earth of all our dreams.

(Look for the Taurus New Moon May 1, 2003.)

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