This article first appeared on Mooncircles. It is reprinted here with permission of the author.

"One must be free to be completely a light to oneself. A light to oneself!"
--J. Krishnamurti

This month's Gemini New Moon and partial solar eclipse is the second ofthree eclipses to occur within a one-month period (Sagittarius lunareclipse May 26; Capricorn lunar eclipse June 24).
Like the reverberationsfrom the closing notes of a resounding symphonic overture, the fatefulSaturn-Pluto "axis of destiny" continues to echo throughout our lives: Sunand Moon are both closely conjunct Saturn and the North Node, opposingPluto and the South Node. With Mercury at 1 degree Gemini newly direct,however, awareness concerning the massive restructuring that has takenplace during the past nine months may be dawning. Like the Sun peeking outof storm clouds, there is light and hope on the horizon.

Indeed, with the Moon partially obscuring the Sun, light is the archetypalkeynote of this New Moon. In the sign of Mercury-ruled, message-bearingGemini, the planets seem to be saying that while darkness may still cast apall of fear over the outer world, the inner light of the spirit is theplace to turn for wisdom and illumination. Doubt and worry about the fateof humanity continues to abound; still, the inner beacon of faith steadiesour souls and lights the way forward.

For those who walk the spiritual path, perhaps the treasure of theSaturn-Pluto opposition has been the rediscovery of their intuition andinborn sense of guidance. For many, the only way through the impassebetween stern taskmaster Saturn and heavyweight Pluto has been to step outof the boxing match between these two opponents - and center within.Traditionally, we are taught to repress our own instinctive self-knowledgein favor of outer authority. But as the mystic J. Krishnamurti wrote, "Togo into the question of meditation, you must be wholly, inwardly free fromall authority, from all comparison... Otherwise you can never be a light toyourself. When you are a light to yourself you are a light to the world,because the world is you, and you are the world."

So this Gemini New Moon, take time to deepen your communion with the lightof your eternal soul. As the Moon eclipses the Sun, dim your outer senses,drawing a curtain between yourself and worldly concerns. Go to the templehidden within - the invisible sanctuary where the presence of the divineawaits your visit. Divest yourself of all external roles, worries, andtrivial pursuits, and dive into the ocean of light permeating allexistence. Like a grain of sand that dissolves in the vast sea, releaseyour individual ego into the infinite embrace of divine consciousness.Breathe in light; breathe out light. Feel the cells of your body becomeluminous and translucent with the all-pervading glow of God. Allow theheavy burdens of the past months to drop away. Swim like a light-being, anangel of the heavens, in the harmonious seas of bliss and peace.

Close your meditation with a bow of reverence to the Sun and Moonluminaries in the sky above. Then go and be a light to yourself - and tothe world.