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The August Full Moon occurs at the critical last degree of Aquarius. According to astrologer Maya del Mar a Full Moon in this placement is rare, occurring only twice in 150 years. It is also the second Full Moon in Aquarius, wrapping up the odyssey that began with the July 24th Full Moon at 2 degrees of Aquarius like a juicy summer saga - and with a dramatic flourish for good measure. As Uranus conjuncts the Moon and opposes a powerful Sun conjunct Mars in Leo, we can expect a Full Moon rich in traditional lunar symbolism of intensity, fullness, climax, and high theater.

At the July 24 Full Moon, we explored our connections to others through the archetype of friendship. Extending ourselves beyond the limits of our ego, we reached out to the world around ourselves, cultivating curiosity and linking up in networks of shared ideals. At the August 8th Leo New Moon, we delved into our unique destiny, seeking to incarnate the mystery of who we were each "born to become." Now, the stage is set for these two opposing dynamics to come together: the Leo star steps into place onto stage, finding her role in the collective drama of life. At this Full Moon, the curtain rises and the play begins, with each actor and actress shining out bold and beautiful - a cast of royal characters in the universal Aquarian myth of the human condition.

With a nearly stationary-direct Pluto exactly conjuncting the South Node in Sagittarius this Full Moon, we can expect the cosmic play to be imbued with a mood of fatedness and inevitability. The story that is unfolding now, and the part we are each called to play in it, has been building over time. Like a plant pushing above ground, an invisible pattern now becomes visible before our eyes. With Pluto and the South Node forming a bright fire grand trine with Ceres in Aries and Vesta in Leo, perhaps what we are seeing is the emergence of the Divine Feminine in all her power and fullness - an ancient myth with new meaning for our time. The grand trine forms a kite with Venus in Libra; with Mercury exactly conjunct Juno in Virgo the stars seem to be calling attention to the values She represents. Indeed, with Uranus and Saturn making a rare trine, what we are participating in is of lasting social worth.

So this Full Moon, find a quiet place to pause and reflect on the great, grand, unfolding drama of life. Taking guidance from the stars above, contemplate the role in life you have been called to fulfill. For in finding your destiny as it intersects with others, you are enacting the deeper meaning of the reemergence of the Goddess in our time: the intrinsic value of each person - not as an isolated individual, but as an integral part of the whole web of life. In playing the part destiny calls us to enact, we are drawing down energy, creating a temple on earth. As the Sun greets the Moon, let the curtain rise, and let the cosmic play begin!

(Look for the Virgo New Moon September 6th, 2002.)

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