Happily Ever After

“I never ever thought I was going to be a writer,” said Trista Sutter. Yet despite her original thoughts, Sutter is the author of Happily Ever After – a book about love, family and life. Sutter is known as the original bachelorette on the reality show “The Bachelorette”, where she met her husband Ryan.

Happily Ever After is a book about living your life in effort to make it a happily ever after. However, it’s not just about love – it’s about marriage, raising a family and growing as a person. “Stay organized and set priorities. Make sure your relationship is the number one priority,” said Sutter. There is no secret or manual to having a successful marriage or life but as Sutter says, “Respect and encourage each other.”

Sutter also believes that it is important to trust each other and find humor in life. “Be able to laugh at life after the hard times,” said Sutter. Life is a journey and it is important to make the most out of the ride.

Happily Ever After also encourages inspiration in other elements of your life. “The inspiration behind the book was to spread the word of gratitude,” said Sutter. A grateful heart is a powerful element that can change your life. “Gratitude is a way of seeing, a way of being, a way of giving back. Gratefulness is part of the little, everyday things as well as the major, life-changing experiences,” said Sutter.

Sutter believes that being grateful is more than just acknowledging obvious blessings, it’s about looking for the positive in everything – despite how challenging a situation may be. “Quotes help me to relate to what is going on in my life and help get me through something,” said Sutter. Each chapter in her book starts with a quote and readers can use these quotes as inspiration in their own life. A great quote can be as important as a best friend's advice because it speaks to so many people and can provide comfort and hope.

Everyone will have bad days and struggle with challenges in their life but if you do not allow the negative energy to linger then you’ll be closer to living a happily ever after type of life. And that is exactly what Sutter’s book Happily Ever After is about – making the most out of your life, looking for the positivity, never giving up, never settling , loving without limits and continuing to grow as a person.

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