Chris and Taya KyleTaya Kyle is hands-down one of the most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of interviewing. Her soul is so vibrant with faith and the drive for life that it’s impossible not to be influenced and inspired. Everyone knows Taya as the American Sniper’s wife but she is so much more. Instead of giving up and forfeiting to the fight of life, Taya has chosen to forge forward.

“I don’t take milestones and moments in life for granted. I feel like life gets so busy that it’s easy to rush through things. I feel like I’m trying to teach my kids to live in the moment and be flexible and I haven’t perfected it yet. Right now my life isn’t everything I want it to be. It’s busy, complicated and full of emotions but I’m constantly doing a self-check to make sure I’m making the most of it,” said Taya.

Taya stood by her husband, Chris Kyle, throughout his career as a Navy Seal and while life continued to throw challenges their way neither ever gave up. And now more than ever, after losing Chris, Taya has channeled her inner strength and shared her hardships, triumphs and life with everyone in her book American Wife - Love, War Faith, and Renewal.

“I feel like the only thing that has gotten me through is my faith and knowing that you can always lean on it. It’s just not one day at a time, sometimes its one hour at a time and one step at a time. I’ve always tried to be an independent person and I’ve learned that it’s not weakness to ask for help. You don’t always have to know the right way, just showing up changes everything – and I choose to show up,” said Taya.

American Wife testifies to those challenges that Taya and her family have had to face and still continue to overcome today. It’s more than a memoir- it’s proof to those who have suffered and experienced loss and heartache, it’s evidence that life is what you make it and a testament that proves we are tested each day and those challenges make us stronger. American Wife is raw and tells the tale of Chris and Taya’s journey to maintain their marriage and build a future. “One of the most amazing things about Chris is that he is a complete human being. He had many aspects to his personality and many layers. From Chris I learned to be confident in who you are and be confident in your flaws,” said Taya. "We are flawed. He never gave up and his life was never easy but he was a faithful person who kept trying and always gave his best.”

Chris Kyle and KidsDespite everything that Taya has been through she believes her core is the same. Taya continues Chris’ legacy by helping those in need and making a difference when she can. While some days may be harder than others, Taya still finds the strength and courage to move forward and extend her heart out to others who need comfort and inspiration in life. Her presence and heart is felt throughout American Wife and is sure provide the hopeless with hope and give those who are lost the map to a new beginning.

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