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Inspiration, innovation, and self-worth are just some of elements that Danielle LaPorte will fill you up with. The successful speaker and author has a new book called The Desire Map coming out and it’s guaranteed to wow you. The Desire Map discusses how to make your dreams and goals come true in a realistic way. LaPorte’s language and attitude make you feel confident that you too can achieve true happiness.

What inspired The Desire Map?

It's been incubating for a long time. About seven years ago my man and I were doing some goal-setting on New Year's eve, by the fire. And I stood back and looked at my plans and realized I was going after the wrong things, in the wrong way. Goal-chasing was burning me out.

Over the course of a few years, and with a lot of introspection and real-time experimentation, I scrapped the fixed goals and got clear on what I call my "core desired feelings" -- and then I got real about what I needed to do to generate those feelings. Essentially, I got myself some goals with soul.

It changed my whole approach to ambition. And I didn't become any less ambitious -- my dreams are big, always have been. But I became more anchored to who I really was and my decision-making got a lot easier. I let go of fixed goals. I pretty much scrapped my to-do lists. And I became so much more open to allowing what I truly wanted to show up in my life.

And it worked -- inner peace and outer success. More calm, more money. More laughs, more creativity.

What is so special about The Desire Map? Why should your fans be excited about it?

People are tired of proving themselves all the time. We have the procedures of achievement upside down. We go after the stuff we want to have, get, accomplish, and experience outside of ourselves. And we hope, yearn, pray that we’ll be fulfilled when we get there. It’s backwards. It’s outside in. And it’s running us in circles. Because...

You’re not chasing the goal itself, you’re actually chasing a feeling.

The Desire Map program is changing all of that. You could call it holistic life-planning. The inner meets the outer. The spirit drives the material.

And as a program, well, it's pretty cool. Multimedia with a companion print book. Audio contemplations. Prayers. A web app. A digital magazine. Awesome.

Do you think The Desire Map will change lives?

Someone just emailed me last week to say that she thinks being clear on her core desired feelings saved her relationship with her fiancee. "It helped me ask for what I needed, and being that clear helped him show up for me in a deeper way." That's one of my favourite Desire Map stories so far.

I'm hearing about people quitting their jobs, launching new things, and generally feeling way less stressed and more in sync -- and relieved! I hear the phrase, "What a relief!" a lot. It's delightful. I'm so excited to watch desire mappers at work in the world.

You are constantly coming up with great ideas and inspiration for others, what’s next for Danielle LaPorte?

I think I need to start a magazine. But first, a revolution of Desire! And a yoga class.

danielle laporteDanielle LaPorte is the creator of The Desire Map, author of The Fire Starter Sessions (Random House/Crown), and co-creator of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan. An inspirational speaker, former think tank exec and business strategist, she writes weekly at DanielleLaPorte.com, where over a million visitors have gone for her straight-up advice — a site that’s been deemed “the best place on-line for kick-ass spirituality”, and was named one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women” by Forbes. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter @daniellelaporte

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