“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Some of us are more inclined and passionate to move towards certain actions and goals while others tend to procrastinate. Some among us are highly charged and energized to fulfill their dreams, while the rest are sleeping lazily. Not only that, some people are more positive, cheerful and full of life, whereas some others live in constant self-doubt and fear.

This seemingly contrasting perception among people towards life stems from a profound inner institution called “motivation”. If you ask psychologists (and rightly so), they will tell you a thousand inexplicable things behind your increased motivation level or lack thereof. However, when you do not want to learn that much, it is better to know that motivation is the driving force that lets you achieve your most difficult goals.

Here are some more ideas that you can get from your everyday life to motivate yourself.

Visualize yourself achieving your goals.

When you try to visualize your desired outcome, you start realizing the possibility of achieving it. In this process you tend to get a glimpse of the preferred future and whenever this happens, you become motivated and prepare to pursue your goals. However, visualization shouldn’t be confused with day-dreaming. It is rather a well-developed method of performance improvement. As a good example, this technique is often used by athletes who improve their performance by increasing their motivation, coordination and concentration. It is a scientifically proven method. When we visualize an act, the brain generates an impulse that tells our neurons to “perform” the movement. This creates a new neural pathway, which ignites a confidence in us that a similar result can be achievable.

Try something new everyday.

If you convince yourself to take up a new adventure every day, your energy and enthusiasm will shoot up. Indulging in small and enjoyable changes in your life can make a big difference. Moreover, forcing yourself to try a new thing each day is a great way to get motivated. There is a saying that goes “old habits die hard”, so an everyday challenge of doing something new will make you more determined to move ahead in your life.

Take a break and let nature reset you.

Going through the same daily routine is boring and this status quo can bring down your energy levels and hence your motivation. This repeated cycle of same usual activities can kill your creativity leaving you a bit down. So, this is the time to take a break from your work and look out for something new in your life. You can go for a hike, take a walk on a sea-beach and get as close to the nature as you can. The nature will certainly have a refreshing effect on you.

Make short-term goals.

We certainly do have long-term goals like setting up a business, owning a big house etc. The difficulty with latching on to them is they often remain dreams, with nothing ever coming to fruition. However, making short-term goals reflects achievability. They minimize procrastination; show you a clear and defined path to success and always make you stay motivated. Not just that it will help you become more productive and set a foundation for achieving your long-term goals.

Write something new everyday.

You can also motivate yourself by being a writer on your own way. This is not to suggest that you should jump on to author a book. Whatever is there in your mind, just scribble it on your diary. Whatever your plans are for the future, just draft them on your notebook and assess them honestly. You can include the things in your writing that motivate you the most. Make your writing fun by crossing it with something you love. If it motivates you, you can also try certain writing services such as WriteMyPaper123 to lift motivation level using your writing skills.

Grow your will power.

Your will power is co-related to your motivation. Although there is a difference between the two as motivation is your impulse to take action, while will power is something that you force unto yourself to take action. So, using will power when you compel yourself to take an action and complete it successfully; then you start convincing yourself to carry out a bigger task. Now, this is your new motivation.

Celebrate your little achievements, no matter how small.

Celebrating little wins in our life keeps us going and boosts our morale. Small and significant steps we take have the potential to get us to our end goal. When you appreciate your efforts, it gives you a feeling of acknowledgement that you are well on your way to achievement. The power of small wins is as fundamental as the power of progress that human nature holds. It will immensely boost your motivation.

Be true to yourself.

Being true to yourself strengthens you from inside out. It means you are honest with whatever you feel and stand for. It allows truth flowing through you into the world and whosoever interacts with you, starts trusting you and having faith in you. It provides you an opportunity to fully understand your own self, which further cultivates a greater degree of awareness in your life. This openness and inner joy are the signs that you are on the right path. This is the greatest motivation in your life.

Get motivation from people around you.

People that are around you as well as those, whom you do not know, have a lot of things to tell you. You might not be aware of certain people in your vicinity who have fought against all odds and created a space for themselves in the society. They might as well have gone through the most difficult phases in their lives and yet achieved their goals. History is replete with certain world leaders who rose from anonymity to popularity. As an example, Abraham Lincoln lost every election in his life yet he finally went on to become one of the greatest presidents of the United States.

Understand the value of failure.

Failure is the biggest motivating factor, if one understands it properly. Everyone who has even succeeded big time did it by failing first. It is like a precursor to success. The experience of failure motivates you to come up with the solution that makes you rise. Even if you fail again, sooner or later, you will find the perfect plan and you will definitely succeed. Just stay put!

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