Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a close friend who loved you unconditionally and could work miracles in your life? This can be possible for the angels are always by your side ready to help you lead a happy and contented life and bring your dreams to reality. Angels really are there for you and can work miracles to help you become happier and more fulfilled.

Zodiac angels are especially powerful for they work on the ray of your sun sign and you can easily attune yourself to this powerful help by meditation and contemplation on your particular sun sign angels. They will help raise your spiritual awareness and they have the power to transform you life for the better. Meditation with zodiac angels brings a special peace and tranquility to the soul and an insight into why particular things happen in your life. Angels know the secrets of why you have incarnated and the lessons you have chosen to learn and they help you with these lessons so that you live your life in harmony and joy. Zodiac angels bring knowledge and understanding of your life and help you realise your mistakes and bring you to a place of forgiveness for yourself and others where necessary. Zodiac angels will help you live your dreams and bring prosperity and abundance to your life. They raise your consciousness to a higher level where you obtain a happiness and joy that will illuminate your life with a vitality that you never knew before. True happiness comes when you live in harmony with your spirit, that part of you that is one with the Universe and angels can bring you to that state of being so that you experience true joy and fulfillment.

There are four zodiac angels for each sign of the zodiac. These are, one that is special to that particular sign, one that brings a special lesson for a particular sign, one that works on the colour ray for the sign and one that works on the ray of the planet that governs the zodiac sign. To discover your special zodiac angels see my book ‘Angels of the Zodiac’ and achieve divine guidance and a happier life through the angels’ loving care and assistance. The angels will bring a new dynamic to your life and lead you in special ways to a more satisfying life full of love and abundance. You don’t have to just tune in to your own zodiac angel but you can harness the power of other angels of the zodiac sign if you wish for their special abilities. Tuning into zodiac angels will bring a realisation that all are connected in the universe and that to hurt others is to hurt oneself. This is a great knowledge to become aware of and is a very large step on the spiritual path. Zodiac angels open your awareness of spiritual laws and by abiding by these laws you bring harmony and happiness to your life. Angels connect you to your higher self, that part of you that is one with the Divine and the more you live your life through the Divine part of you the happier and more fulfilled you will be.

There are meditations and contemplations for each angel but if you want a quick meditation with a zodiac angel just imagine a beautiful angel standing in front of you. The right angel for that particular moment and problem will come to you. To contact your special zodiac angel just sit quietly and comfortably and still your mind. Imagine standing before you a beautiful golden angel who is flooding you with a wonderful light. You absorb this light into every aspect of your being and you feel very happy and at peace with yourself and your life. Sit quietly for a few minutes and continue to absorb the light the angel sends to you and know that this light brings about a positive reaction in your soul and psyche. Angels bring you divine guidance from God and you will find that answers will come to you concerning any problems you are having. Thank the angel for his/her help and gently bring yourself back to the present moment.

Keep the image of this angel in your mind as you go about your daily tasks and divine intelligence will bring you messages that will help you live a harmonious and happy life. These messages can come in the form of a thought that pops into your head. Or it might come from a friend who feels the need to give you advice. You may even hear an angel whisper if you are really attuned to the angels. Be open to angel messages and you will hear them whisper guidance to you. If you are faced with a decision you need to make ask for angel guidance and you will experience a warm feeling inside when you think on the right decision. You will know it is angel guidance for you will feel positive and uplifted that you have made the right decision.

Angel messages also come in dreams and to achieve this simply sit in bed and imagine an angel standing at the foot of the bed flooding you with light. Know that this is your special zodiac angel and he has come to bring you guidance and love to help you lead a wonderful life full of miracles. Hold this image for as long as it is comfortable then let it gently melt away. You will dream of angels and they will give you a message. Have a note book and pen ready in the morning to jot down any incidents in your dreams that come to you for these may well be angel messages and guidance.

Angels will protect you from negative forces and if during your day you feel yourself to be in a vulnerable position just imagine yourself enfolded by a beautiful angels flooding you whole being with light.

Imagine the angel’s wings enfolding you protecting you from any darkness that threatens you and you will immediately feel safe and the angel will give you the wisdom to deal with the situation in a positive manner. Angels have great power and can protect you in times of need when you are feeling afraid and fearful. Their love will dispel your fear and help you resolve difficult situations.

Zodiac angels are specifically attuned to your sun sign and bring their love to guide you to develop your full potential and become a truly loving and confident human being. Working with zodiac angels bring you into direct contact with your higher self and with divine intelligence that will lift your consciousness to a higher level of understanding. Have fun with your angels and keep yourself open to their messages and you will truly live a rewarding and joyful life.

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