Angel in Sky

A Guardian Angel is a messenger from God sent to be with you through your physical life time. To guard your spirit as you go through the human maze of experiences. This beautiful being is always with you, whether you believe in angels or not. And when the time comes for your essence to journey back home to the Creators Love, your Guardian Angel fulfills their duty to God to watch over your light.

During your lifetime, this being of love cannot interfere, but guides you. It is up to you to decide if you want to utilize this fantastic source or not. It makes only a difference to you and your journey as they are fulfilling their obligation by being present in your life. It is up to you to decide to have no more underemployed angels and get working with your guardian angel today.

There are tons of stories of people who reported a wonderful supportive beings showing up when needed during times of emergencies as well as stories of messages received to avert disaster enough to cause a great movement in the assistance of guardian angels. These are ways most work with their angels.

Learning to connect with your guardian angel for other reasons can help you in wondrous ways. They can be you greatest ally when you need to make decisions and choices in your life.

Your guardian angels are always at your side, and are the sect of the angel realm who agrees to be with each of us during our entire physical incarnation. They are that soft loving voice you feel and are most often the first voice you hear when you are talking to the invisible forces of light.

Working With Your Guardian Angels

We interact with many angels throughout our lifetime, and often we are not even aware of their assistance or energies as they are here solely to assist humanity in unconditional love of the Creator. Many angels come and go that work with us, the guardian angels that each one of us comes here with, stay with us for our entire life time. They are always with you. They do not judge, they only love us. You can talk with your guardian angels anytime.

Do a meditation and ask your angels what their names are and how you can work together with them. They absolutely love when we consciously interact with them.

Each of you comes to this earth journey with an entourage of Angelic helpers. The guardian Angels agree to assist and support the beautiful being of light that you are for your entire incarnation. They never leave you and are always by your side.

Get to Know Your Guardian Angel

Your angels offer you that loving reassurance so often desired when you are asking for help or guidance. Regardless of their interaction with you thus far on your journey, they want you to know that they are there, always near and want for nothing more than to assist, interact and be a conscious part of your journey.

Your guardian angels are here to support you while you spiritually grow and experience life as a human. They are here to help you in any way that supports your journey. They guard your spirit while you are incarnate and keep it safe until you return to the world of spirit.

Spend some time getting to know your guardian angels and how they can help make your journey a more joyful, spirit filled experience. Become more conscious of inviting them to help you with your projects. Things will run more smoothly.

Their primary assignment is to be your support so please work more intimately with them and watch the miracles begin to occur more often in your life.

What is My Guardian Angel’s Name?

It is natural to want to call your guardian angel by a name. You can choose to call your guardian angel any name that is meaningful to you. They do not have a human ego and only recognize the energy of love. You can pick a name or ask them what they would like to be called.

It you would like to ask your angel for their name, then meditation is the best place to discover this. You can simply quiet your body and your mind and focus on your breath. Then, ask your guardian angel to connect with you and feel the energy of love sooth your soul. Then ask your angel what name you should call them and a name or a knowing of name should come to you.

If you feel you are not getting anything, take a look around. Often your angel will show you a big sign with the name they want you to call them. If at first you don’t succeed, don’t give up, try and try again.

It’s Time to Follow Your Heart

Your guardian angels want you to learn to listen to and follow your heart. Once you begin working with your guardian angel on a regular basis, you will feel more guided and confident in your choices and god and the angels want you to experience what you planned when you came to earth.

Connecting with your guardian angel is as simple as raising your vibration to meet with theirs. Quiet your mind and join with them. Feel their love anytime you need support, or to just feel joy and peace on your journey.

Just sit back, take some deep breaths, call your guardian angel to you and then just feel their love, comfort and compassion. Quiet your mind and your body, and then tune into your heart light, ask for your angels to join you in this space of love, which is a higher vibration than you are usually in on the earth plane. Then talk with your angels. They are joyful to be of service with you and love to make a connection with humanity.

A Love Letter From Your Guardian Angels

Your Guardian Angels want you to know how much they love you right now. Your Angels' love is completely unconditional and all-encompassing. It is always with you. You are not alone. You are never alone. Let this be ‘A love letter from your Guardian Angels’ who want you to know.

"We are right here. We are with you, loving you, supporting you.”

“We want the best for you, always. You are loved beyond measure for being brave enough to traverse this new world and we want you to know that you are never ever alone, even in your darkest hour. Feel our wings of light and love surrounding you, always."

Your guardian angels know that you are worthy and they want you to believe that. There is nothing that you could have ever done, thought, or said, that could make you unworthy. They never judge or abandon you for the mistakes you feel you make. These angels are simply here to support you so that you can spiritually grow and evolve your light.

Guardian Angel Day

October the 2nd is the feast to honour your guardian angel according to Catholic tradition and celebrated since the 17th Century.

What a wonderful idea and such a fantastic way to recognize this most beautiful being that stands with you throughout your incarnation. As a child, the last prayer I shared at night was “Angel of God”, a beautiful prayer to my guardian angel. It was always my favourite as it left me with a sense of comfort and love as I drifted off into dreamland. I love the idea of marking a special day to honour the unseen beings that guide us and love us unconditionally in a world that often seems cold and sometimes cruel. While we should say thank you every day, this is a beautiful way of doing something special back.

Make a little angel alter somewhere in your home with special mementos and angels as a way to acknowledge and thank them for their presence in your life like coins and feathers, crystals and angels. Light a candle and celebrate and say thank you to your guardian angel on Guardian Angel day, and every day.

Everyone has a guardian angel. Decide today to work with this beautiful, benevolent being of love sent to be with you by God to guard your spirit. Open your heart and your mind to the possibilities that this beautiful being can set up for you to make living your life purpose so much easier.

They are here to guide and support you, not do the journey for you. They will light your way so that you can ‘angelize’ your choices and make decisions in the highest light.

Get going and employ your guardian angel into all aspects of life today!

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