Ethereal Angel

Angels are messengers from the divine. There are several types of angels, including guardian angels that each of us are assigned to at birth. These angels are always watching over you, protecting you, and giving you guidance. Spending time with your angels is a powerful and amazing way to accelerate the inner growth of your soul. They can guide you on difficult or challenging problems you are facing, or give you immediate assistance.

For some people, it seems like second nature connecting with their angels. For others, it can be a bit of a struggle. For those that have problems getting in touch with their angels, these tips will help.

Pay attention to your senses.

Angels do not only appear through eyesight. You will be able to detect them through sound and other senses as well. If you start to hear a buzzing in your ear, it's a common sign that your angels are trying to connect with you. When this happens, start recording it down. Is there a pattern of what times a day it happens? Does it only happen in periods where you're overwhelmed with stress? It might be your angels way of trying to get you to notice something bigger.

Fragrance is another sign that the Angels are nearby. If you experience an overwhelmingly delightful smell but there aren't any possible places it could be coming from, it might be your angel stopping by to say hi. Tastes of sweetness in your mouth also could be a sign from your angels. In meditation specifically, this sensation is a signed that your energetic vibration is heightened. When this happens, it's easier to connect with your angels.

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Angels honor your free will and do not want to interfere in your life without your explicit permission. They are there waiting and ready to give you the assistance you crave, but only if you ask for it. There is no specific formula for asking your angels for guidance. Simply let them know your hearts intention and desires. The more you think, call upon, and learn about angels the more they will begin to make themselves known to you as you open up to their guidance and assistance.

Accept their guidance.

Many times in life we suffer from periods of low self-confidence, and this happens even more so when you're in need of help. When we feel low about ourselves we tend to push away those that want to show us kindness, including our angels. Regardless of where you are at in life, your angels love you unconditionally. You are worthy of their angelic assistance, so make sure you keep both your heart and mind open.

Be consistent.

Choose a regular time each day or week to communicate with your angels. You can do this right when you wake up or before going to bed for example. You can speak with them in a prayer or meditative state, or choose to write out a letter. The idea is to pour out your heart and soul to them on a regular basis so that they can see what you are going through and offer you the right guidance. During these talks, make sure you do not sensor yourself. Let out all your concerns, feelings and problems.

Express your thanks.

Your angel might be involved in your life heavily already, but isn't connecting with you because they don't feel appreciated. Your angels work above and beyond to give you a beautiful life, so make sure you show gratitude for their effort. Small prayers of thank you can go a long way, and show that you care.

Even in times where you feel like there is nothing to be thankful for in life, you can always rely on your angels. They will help show you that each moment you are in is a beautiful and divine creation. Being alive is such an incredible thing and we must appreciate that.

Follow their direction.

One way to distance yourself from your angels is by ignoring what they have to say. After you connect with them and ask them for help, watch for repetition of words you either see, hear or think. Take notice of patterns like repeatedly hearing a song, seeing a bumper sticker or having a friend unknowingly repeat the very same message your angel is giving you. Once you realize what your angel wants you to do, take the next step. You might be scared or anxious about what might happen, but know that your angels are there to keep you afloat. You will not be alone while you make these positive changes for yourself.

Create an angel altar.

If you are having trouble connecting with your angels on an emotional level but desperately want them in your life, try creating an angel altar in your home. You do not need a huge space for this, but pick somewhere you find quiet and relaxing. The altar should hold items that are important and special to you in some way. It should be a reflection of who you are, not what you think your angel wants you to be. Items might include angel objects, feathers, candles, or angel cards. During times of meditation, be close to your altar and keep an eye out for their signals.

Our angels are surrounding us at all times, ready to help us and give us the support we need. By using these tips, you will be able to connect with your angels on a deeper level and see the work they can do for your life. Make sure to thank them for the work they have done.

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