Angel feathers colors have different meanings

Our angels like to send us signs to let us know they are listening and working on our prayers and requests. Symbols like feathers are most important when they are meaningful to the person who receives them, especially if you have asked your angels for a sign. The first question to ask is "What does the sign mean to me?" What were you doing or thinking about when you noticed the sign or feather? When analyzing anything, ask yourself first always, "What does this mean to me?"

Symbols are only as important as they are to the person experiencing them. Meaning, what it means to you is always the most important, not what another teacher tells you it should mean or what I tell you it should me. I did a bit of research when I was first asked this question and found that most meanings went along the lines of the traditional chakra colours and their meaning, along with some of the colour therapy teachings. It works for me when I use it, so why not use it. It is truly about your intentions and what you assign to them, so being open is the most important thing.

If I find a feather of a unique colour, that can be extra meaningful to me. If I find a feather floating in a spot where one should not be, like inside my house, it has deeper meaning to me. When I notice a feather when I am outdoors, my attention has been drawn to it for a reason, so I look deeper.

Here are some generalized meanings for you to begin to work with while you are learning to trust yourself and the signs you receive.

White Feathers

White Feathers white is the most common and often considered the symbol for purity, which is very much aligned with the meaning of angels. White feathers can also be a sign from the angels that your loved ones in Heaven are well, and have successfully crossed over into the spirit realms. Especially if the feather floats out of nowhere and gently lands in front you. It is often the person you are thinking of at that time. Don’t be shy or afraid to honour such a gift.

White is also a symbol of faith and protection, and when you find white feathers in peculiar locations the message is especially significant. This is often just to reassure you that your angels are around you, working with you, and answering your prayers. They are confirmation that you are on the right path and definitely heaven sent.

In addition to white feathers, here is a quick look at some of the additional meanings that the different colored feathers may have.

Pink Feathers

Pink is considered by most to be the colour of unconditional love. Pink feathers are a reminder of the unconditional love that your angels have for you, and a reminder that all things are possible when you are tuned into the energy of love. It is true that love heals all wounds as well.

Should a pink feather make its way into your life and you have asked a question about love, then the answer that you seek is on its way. If you have asked a specific question about love then a pink feather is an affirmative answer of love. If you were thinking about someone and you get a pink feather that is sign of deep love.

If you have been through a particularly emotional time, a pink feather is a sign that the end is near and that you are not alone, a loving message from your guardian angel.

Red Feathers

Red feathers signify unlimited life force energy, physical vitality, stability, strength, passion, power and courage. It is a wealth colour and signifies money and prosperity.

If you have asked about your health, then a red feather is an excellent sign of healing, especially blood disorders, and circulatory issues. Red is a sign for rejuvenation of your energy and strength or any other physical energy depleted illnesses.

Red reminds you to trust that your base needs are being met. Red feathers reinforce you are on the right path and let you know that you are going the right way. It is the best confirmation for affirmative action.

If you have asked about the outcome of a project, red feathers is a sure sign of success and so confidently move forward with your dreams. It is the colour of victory. It is conformation. It is reassurance.

Feathers that are magenta or a deep pink-red then they are usually a sign of passion, romance, affection, and deep personal relationships.

Orange Feathers

Orange feathers carry messages of creativity, listening to your inner voice, and staying positive to attract success. How do you feel?

There are many shades of orange and it is truly a nurturing colour and a message of emotional healing, growth, and expansion. Orange tones vary between Apricot, Amber, Peach, Tangerine, and Coral. Each one has a slightly different message or meaning, but are primarily reminders of allowing the flow of things to happen and enjoying the stages of life a little bit more each day.

If you are healing a digestive disorder, Kidney disorders, or illnesses related to your reproductive organs, then an orange feather is a sure sign of healing. It can also be a sign of sexual or creative healing, healing from inflammation, colds or even depression.

It is a sign of all things emotional from passion for a creative idea, healing sexual energy, to reminders of being more spontaneous and having some fun. Inhale the breath of life should find an orange feather and remind yourself that life is grand and that you are in the flow of synchronistic events and the river of life.

Yellow Feathers

Yellow feathers are often a reminder to be cheerful and light-hearted, to be present, alert, and to stay focused on what you desire to magnetize these blessings into your life. Don't get caught up in the drama of the world, just be present in the world and pay attention to details.

If you asked your angels about an idea or an invention a yellow feather is a great sign that you should go for it now. Your idea is innovative and will be a success. It is a great sign if you are an out of the box thinking ready to take up your ideas and inspiration.

If you are on a healing quest then a yellow feathers is a sign to purify toxins from your body. This is the fastest path in your healing journey, particularly if you have illnesses such as diabetes, IBS or other bowel/intestinal challenges, or even some of the mental challenges like depression. Drink plenty of water and purify your body, mind and your heart.

Green Feathers

Green feathers signify abundance and money, a fertile opportunity, as well as vibrant well-being, health, and love. It is a colour of balance, harmony, tranquility, love, and nurturing. It is a sign to release negativity from your mind and stimulate ideas It is a sign of cleansing and healing. Are you taking care of yourself?

If you question is centered on health and healing then this is an answer to show you are on the right path. If your question is about money and abundance then the sign is yes, go for it, you know what to do. A green feather is a great sign for letting you know that action is now required and what you are doing is making life easier right now.

Green feathers can also serve as reminder to calm yourself, your body, and your mind. It is a reminder to breathe in fresh air and letting the energy of nature calm and heal.

Blue Feathers

Blue feathers brings a calming and peaceful energy. Are you connected to communication, awareness, and is often a reminder to listen careful or to speak your truth, clearly and lovingly as your heart as the filter?

Have you asked your angels to activate your healing power, for regeneration of your physical body on your healing journey or to help you protect yourself and strengthen your connection to the Divine? If so, then a blue feather is surely an affirmative sign that it is so.

If you are on a path of discovering and speaking your truth, then a blue feather says Yes from the Universe. You are on the right path of self-discovery, truth, empowerment, and are making some important life choices right now. If you have a choice to make, then a blue feather is a sign it is time. It is time to release the doubt and take a leap of faith in the direction of your heart. Feel confident in your choices when a blue feather comes your way.

Gray Feathers

Gray feathers are a call to return to peace. Gray is also neutral, and can be a sign that the answer to your question is not yes/no or black/white. It is time to go within and find your centre and tap into the void to help you to refocus and find the answers that you seek. It is the colour that helps you go in-between and see more than meets the eye.

When the information you need is about the mental or emotional world, a grey feather is telling you there is an alternative point of view you may not have seen yet. It says the situation is not as hopeless as it seems on the outside and that the challenges of present are not the final outcome.

If it has a silvery tone to the grey then it is a sign to be persistent. Keep moving forward with intention and resolve. Keep yourself a bit grounded and know that you are protected by your angels.

Brown and Black Feathers

Brown signify grounding, home life, and stability. Brown shows you there is an energy of respect, groundedness, and balance between the physical world and the world of the spiritual. It signifies the importance of connecting with the earth and the now or the present moment. It also serves as a reminder of setting healthy boundaries. Keeping a balanced perspective and reviving your energy and creativity are reminders a brown feather brings.

Black Feathers are a reminder of the protection of your angels, and a signal that spiritual wisdom and magic are accessible by you so go within. You need a break from the world. A personal retreat would be beneficial at this time as there is much to gain in solitude by design. Black Feathers send a message of reassurance you are not alone when you experience a dark night of the soul. It reminds you to discover the rich gifts that have been buried deep inside you.

Purple Feathers

Purple feathers carry messages of deep spirituality, transmutation, as well as the opening of psychic and spiritual sight. You are on the right spiritual path and continue on with your studies. It is an unusual colour to find in a feather so this is a sign that is meant for you and you are rewarded for noticing it.

Purple feathers are about the connection between body, mind, and soul. It is time to sharpen your connections or learn to use them more so that they become a habit and part of your everyday. Your intuitive abilities are awakening and it is time to hone your skills. When you are in charge of your 6th senses, you will find that you can look past the surface and connect to the divine nature within.

If it is time to release a negative pattern, thoughts and feelings, then a purple feather is telling you that once this process is complete, you will feel clarity, peace, and gratitude, so let’s get on with it.

Multi-Coloured Feathers

Multi-coloured feathers also have a special meaning. It is not often you find a feather of many colours. Should you find a pile of different coloured feathers, then this too is a definite sign meant for you. Multi-coloured feathers have multiple combinations of the colour spectrum and are a powerful sign of regeneration, mystical realms, and signify a strong connection to the angels.

When you receive a multi-coloured feather take a moment and connect with nature in some way. Stand still and focus within. Feel the pull from the trees as they beckon you to forward and bathe you in this amazing energy of love. Visualize a rainbow of light bathing you, strengthening your connection with nature and all that is. Then ask to be connected to the realm of the angels. From this still point of love, you will feel your heart expand as you connect with this most beautiful, benevolent being of love. If you feel anything less than love, ask Archangel Michael to surround you, clear away any lover energies, and surround you in protection and begin again.

Feathers come in many colour, shapes and sizes and they all have a special meaning to the finder, especially if your first thought is, “Oh look, it’s a sign!” Most often these coincidences are written off as wishful thinking but remember they are just that – a co-incident – meaning this incident came about for you in co-operation with your angels. A happy co-incident to show you a sign!

So, ask your angels for a sign to help to guide your way or ask them to send you a feather of the colour that can best assist you on your journey and check out its meaning as well as ask yourself what it means to you. Regardless of its meaning it is truly a sign from your angels that you are not alone!

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