There are always angels in this world. Unfortunately, many people do not know the signs that show angels are nearby. As such, they remain unaware of the divine company they keep. They wander obliviously through their lives and have no idea that angels are looking over their shoulder, even though they would doubtlessly love to know that there were angels nearby. Do not be like those people. Learn how to recognize when angels are nearby so that you can take advantage of their wisdom and the hints they leave you. Here are six signs that angels are nearby.

Friends With Feathers

Though the portrayal is not necessarily accurate of what angels look like, most people in the West picture angels as having white, feathery wings like a swan or dove. As such, it should come as no surprise that one of the biggest signs that an angel is nearby is finding feathers. White feathers are most commonly associated with angels due to prevailing imagery, but there are many theories about the meaning of the colors of the feathers you find. Brown feathers, for example, are sometimes associated with friendship, home and respect. Red feathers are believed to signify passion, courage and good fortune. Some feathers are even believed to be signs from specific angels. For instance, blue feathers are sometimes seen as messages from Archangel Michael. 

When it comes to angel messages, the feathers you find may not be on the ground.
They may still be attached to brightly colored wings. Birds are a common sign that there are angels nearby. When you see birds coming closer to you than usual, keep your eyes open for other signs of angels. This is especially true if the birds in question are doves, cardinals, robins or hummingbirds. All four are closely associated with God, angels and messages. 

Pennies From Heaven

The phrase “pennies from heaven” is usually used to express that an event was an unexpected bit of good fortune or sudden windfall. One sign of angels in the area, however, is stumbling across what are, more or less literally, pennies from heaven. If you have found coins in unusual places or have repeatedly stumbled across more than you would expect to find in a given day, those coins might well have been left there for you by angels. 

Repeated Numbers

You see numbers in dozens of places every day. Each time you look at a digital clock, you see at least three numbers. Whenever you purchase anything, you are dealing with numbers. Most of the times when you write a date you use a set of numbers. Numbers are absolutely everywhere in daily life. As such, they are an easy way for angels to get your attention. If you think that there may be angels nearby, pay attention to any sets of repeated numbers. If you seem to always look at the clock at 11:11, there may be an angel nearby. The same is true if a happy thought seems to strike you every day at 4:44. 

Repeated numbers do not only have to be sets of the same number repeated in a sequence such as 888 or 111. An angel in your life might well be using more ordinary and easily overlooked numbers to try and get your attention. If you bought a lunch that cost $12.17, got an email from your boss about a promotion at 12:17 and the due date for your sister’s baby is December 17, there is probably an angel nearby.

Moving Music

Music has always had the ability to touch people’s souls. Sometimes, however, a new song seems to punch you in the gut or an old favorite abruptly takes on new meaning. Perhaps you are scanning through the radio when a song that perfectly describes your mood beings to play. Music is an easy way for angels to reach you because music does half the work on its own. People naturally respond to music. As such, it is easy for angels to reach you through it.

Unexpected Connections

In addition to leaving little signs on their own, angles sometimes work through other people to make themselves known. A person that you were thinking about may suddenly call you, or you might find yourself with the perfect opportunity to mend bridges with a person you want back in your life. When such things happen, there might well be an angel peering over your shoulder looking to help you. 

When angels are involved, you might also find that someone around you says exactly what you need to hear. They might give you a bit of good news on a day when you desperately need some joy.
If you are struggling to make a choice, someone you have not mentioned the decision to might start talking about a similar choice they had to make and why they either regretted it or were pleased with their choice. You might meet a stranger who has the perfect bit of advice for you. When those sorts of things happen, angels are in the area.


There is probably no way of encountering angels more classic than finding them in your dreams. If you are dreaming of angels or find that your dreams are filled with symbols that make you think of angels, there might well be a winged messenger looking out for you. Be aware that the symbols in your dreams that represent the nearby angels may not be as straightforward as white feathers or doves. If for some reason, your subconscious associates a cat or even an hourglass with an angel in your dream, that is likely what the object represents. Dreams do not follow the same logic as the waking world, so do not be surprised if what you dream of does not match up with what you would expect.

Angels can communicate with you in a variety of unusual ways. Many of these signs are subtle and so tend to be brushed off, but that does not mean that there are not ways to tell when angels are nearby. One only needs to be paying attention to those supposed coincidences that appear in life. 
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