Find Out: Do angels ever have fun or are they just serious all the time? Do angels ever help us have fun?
- Sharon L.

Yes, I think angels do have fun, and here’s why. Although being an angel is serious business, I’m certain that if we could ask an angel if they liked their job, they would reply, “I love my work; most of the time it’s fun!” In the Bible angels think, exercise their will, and feel emotions, all characteristics of a personality. We have no difficulty thinking of angels loving, comforting, and encouraging.

Other personality traits would also be a part of their makeup, including creativity and having fun. A good example of an angel having fun carrying out God’s command is the story of Baalam, when a donkey first saw the angel (Numbers 22). Do angels ever help people have fun? Yes, God delights in people having fun, and he encouraged Adam to act creatively by allowing him to name all of the animals. What fun! What do you think? Do angels ever have fun? Has an angel ever helped you to have fun?

Can and do the angels love us, the human race?
- Lin L.

Yes, angels do love. According to the Bible, the good, holy angels experience emotions such asjoy (Luke 15:10) and curiosity (1 Peter 1:12). Even the fallen angels experience emotions such as anger (Revelation 12:12) and pride (Ezekiel 28:17).

As we consider the actions of the angels in the Bible, we see evidence of how they express their love. Their first love is for God and this forms the basis for everything angels do, including their contacts with humans. Yet the love angels have for humans is never a romantic love. God did not create them to have romances with people, and the holy angels carry out God’s will by loving people as God would love. For more see: Would an Angel-Human Relationship Ever Work?

Have you ever seen an angel? An angel dream? An angel happening?
- Ken S.

Like most people in the Bible and like the majority of Christians today, I have never seen an angel. However, I am quite certain that an unseen guardian angel has saved my life. My wife’s life was saved by a message God sent through four angels who appeared in her dream. To read her story: Four Angels Dressed in Black.

The Bible teaches that angels do not come when we summon them but when God sends them. My book “A Rustle of Angels” is filled with authentic stories of people who have seen angels.

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