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Chances are you have a strong woman in your life that has left a great mark on you. She may be a mother, an aunt, a grandma, a sister, a co-worker or a friend. Whether she raised you or not, more often than not she is someone who has had great influence in your life. We can learn many lessons through their great influence and example and pass these on to the people we so deeply love. Here are seven life lessons we can learn from a strong woman.

Always Be Ready for a Challenge

A strong woman is always ready for a challenge. A woman of strength is energized by finding answers to problems no one else has been able to solve. In fact, they are known to become offended if they aren’t given a chance to help create a plan to deal with a current dilemma, especially if it turns into a full-blown crisis. While others may be willing to take no for an answer, these women are not daunted by the impossible or fearful of blazing new trails. When others turn around at the road closed sign, a woman with strength and purpose believes there has to be a way to get through.

Never Settle

A strong woman never settles. Too often, people settle for less than they deserve in so many aspects of their lives. Sometimes this means getting into relationships that tear us down, surrounding ourselves with toxic friends and accepting jobs that we don’t love to name a few. We choose complacency over better opportunities. A strong woman realizes her purpose and knows that settling will only waste her time in the long run. Instead of settling, she always begins with the end in mind and puts her goals first. That way, she doesn’t look back on her life reflecting on all the “could have” and “should have” dones.

Know Who You Are

A woman of strength has a strong sense of self. Knowing yourself is a journey. It is about discovering who you are. The journey is unpredictable and will engage you deeply as it brings you face-to-face with your deepest fears, self-doubts, vulnerabilities and insecurities. On your journey, you may question how you are living your life and whether or not is in line with your bigger calling. The path to knowing yourself means giving yourself permission to not know who you are while unraveling the deep truth of who you are. A strong woman realizes that the search to identify who they are is an inside job. No one else can do it for you.

Create the Right Circle

Another great lesson we can learn from a strong woman is to create the right circle. A woman of strength surrounds herself with people that not only support her, but also uplift her. When you surround yourself with the right people, you have the right circle of influence around you. Hanging out with the wrong people can deplete your energy every time you’re around them and suck the life out of you if you let them. Surround yourself with others who are strong inside. Make sure that you’re keeping company with those who celebrate you and feed positive energy into your life. Be cautious of the company you keep. One negative person in your life can really break you down.

Develop a Strong-Will

A strong woman has strong-will. According to vocabulary.com, a strong-willed person doesn’t give up easily. A strong-willed person is determined. How strong willed are you? When it comes to identifying a strong-willed woman, you’ll find a variety of strengths and character traits. You may already be comfortable with your strong-will, embracing it with enthusiasm or you may be reluctant to admit you have it – and resist using the term at all. Strong-will comes in all shapes, sizes and personalities. But regardless of your background and uniqueness, you can use your strength to bring glory and honor to God – and you’re destined to change the world in ways you can’t even imagine. It’s the women with the most determination who make the most difference.

Don’t Give Too Much of Yourself

A strong woman knows to not give too much of herself. She is also cognizant of the fact that misery loves company. Knowing this, she doesn’t surround herself with toxic people. When things are looking up for you, toxic people will do everything in their power to keep you down or away from your happiness because they’re intimidated by your own, or simply unhappy with themselves. She knows to not feed them her energy. This includes arguing or giving in to whatever they’re saying or doing to try and break her down. She knows that the more she gives in, the more she cracks so she doesn’t even give them the power to do that. The less you give in, the less they have to feed on.

Be a Person of Integrity

A strong woman is often a woman of integrity which is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. If you’re living your best life, your motivations and actions will be in line with your vision for your life. People will also want to surround themselves around you because they know your character. They know that you’re principled and that they can learn a great deal from you. It’s also important that you start looking at your own values and what you want from the people that you involve in your life. Ask yourself, am I living out a life of integrity and self-respect? Am I being authentic in my personal relationships? If you’re constantly allowing toxic people in your space, the answer to the previous questions is probably no. Check your values and if the people you’re attracting around you aren’t uplifting, then they shouldn’t be in your space.

Any strong woman in your life has been a great role model. She’s someone you can admire not only because of the way she treats others, but also the way she treats herself. If you can apply just one of the seven lessons to your life, you are well on your way.

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