In order to gain, we must let go.

We all want more money and more peace of mind in our lives, especially given all the uncertainties in the world today. The more chaotic the environment, the more we naturally want security and peace. We can have this and more. However, it means giving up old familiar ways of how we think about security. Letting go of what we know can be a tall order for some of us; even if it is the key to getting what we want.

The last couple of years have been a chaotic time economically. Chaos can bring with it new understanding and awareness, though. It has been a time to weigh decisions about money more deeply. We have all been directly impacted on some level by the current economic situation whether it is from increased prices at the grocery store, a drop in our 401Ks or having to make different choices about what we purchase and when.

No matter how we look at it, the current economic climate has raised our consciousness about money, how we spend it and our relationship with it. Some of us are tightening our belts while others are jumping in on the bargains to be had in real estate and the stock market. An optimist will see the current “crisis” as an opportunity; a pessimist will see it as a bleak and dreary time.

If I said that there is an abundance of all we need right now, many people would probably think I was living in a different country. However, there really is an abundance of all we need; it’s a universal truth. It is just a matter of changing perspectives. Generally, we tend to view abundance and prosperity in terms of quantity not quality. We have been conditioned to believe that the more we have or own the more abundant and prosperous we are.

Prosperity and abundance are not about having more money or things. Prosperity and abundance are a way of being, a consciousness and a connection to the wholeness of creation. We all have the potential for prosperity and abundance in our lives; it is the natural order.

When we think in terms of quantity—more of something—it can set us up to come from a place of lack, a belief that we don’t have enough. When we feel that we don’t have enough, we will cling to whatever it is we think we don’t have enough of because it gives us a sense of security. However, the act of clinging creates a false sense of security and works to block the natural flow. The only way out of lack thinking is to let go of old ideas that no longer serve us, let go of clinging.

When we cling to our “stuff”, we block the flow, too. Although clutter and disorganization are a natural part of the order and flow of life-- nothing stays perfectly ordered forever-- when our stuff accumulates too fast and it’s not managed, this natural order gets disrupted. Think of it this way; a log jam on a river doesn’t entirely impede the flow of the river, but it certainly slows it down. In the same way, when we cling to our accumulated stuff, the flow is blocked. When our closets, drawers, garage, basement or attic become “jammed” with our stuff, nothing can get in! Letting go is the only way to restore the natural order.

Letting go is the ultimate challenge because it involves overcoming an emotional attachment to old ways of thinking and behaving. We have been conditioned to hold on, take charge and make things happen. For those of us who have ever been white water rafting we’ve heard words similar to these from the guide: “If you fall out of the raft, don’t thrash around in the water trying to find something to hold onto. Instead, let go, point your feet downstream and allow the river to carry you to the next landing”.

If only the act of letting go were as easy as saying it! Our emotions complicate the letting go process and create the resistance or discomfort we experience. When we stop resisting and let go, though, we are released from our discomfort.

Let go of the old and open up to the new!

There is a powerful law that, if followed, can change our life: It is a law that is always working in our life whether we are aware of it or not. It is a law that can bring anything to us just by shifting how we think. This powerful law is the universal Law of Circulation.

We know it from these sayings: As you give so you receive; What goes around comes around; You get back what you put in; Like attracts like.

The Universal Law of Circulation is all about realizing that what we give out will come back to us. Paying attention to how we feel, how we think, our intentions and our attitudes are keys to how this law will work for us or against us. Letting go of resistance and thoughts of lack are also key elements as to how the law operates for us. We want nothing in our way blocking the flow. Because it is a universal law it is always in operation, always flowing, and we choose how we will connect to it. There are some important things to remember as we begin to work with this law: