Topic: Americans are more alone than ever, according to a new study in the American Sociological Review. With cell phones, the Internet, iPods and email consuming our days (and nights), we are turning to friends less and less by the time we finally get away, preferring instead to shut out the chatter. In the process each of us on average has lost a friend for every three we once had, the report suggests.

In light of this finding, Beliefnet is asking our members for smart ways to battle this apparent trend toward social isolation. Should we turn off our cell phones or take more trips with friends? What’s your take on it? We will share some of the advice with the Beliefnet community.

What to do: Send us your ideas (100 words or less). We want to hear ways in which you have dealt with this issue or advice you have given others concerning it. Include some personal examples with each submission. We will publish some of the submissions on Beliefnet and credit you for it.

It’s an opportunity to share in each other’s experiences as a means to improve your life and the lives of those around you.

Send to: To participate, please e-mail us short responses to  Beliefneteditorial@gmail.com. The subject line should say: "Fighting Loneliness."

Deadline for submission: Friday, July 14, 2006.

Please Note: • Include your name, your occupation, and your city/state of residency.
• All writing must be original to you. If you are submitting a work that has been previously published elsewhere, please make sure there will be no conflict before submitting to us. We just want to remind you that, per our terms of service, Beliefnet trusts that you only send material you actually own (i.e. not other people's copyrighted materials) and by sending it to us, you grant us and our editorial partners the right to use it in any form.

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