Almost ten years ago my grandson and my mother were rushed to the hospital the same day and the same time. They were both suffering from congestive heart failure and were dying. We found out that day that my grandson, who was only four months old, was missing a chamber of his heart and needed immediate surgery. The surgery took place a few days later, and my grandson was then put on a ventilator.

My mother, on the other hand, was holding on by the grace of God. The two of them held on to life with a force so strong that to this day still amazes me.

My grandson was fighting to live and my mother was not willing to let go. When it looked like neither one would make it, I went to my mother and asked her to go to the Father and ask him to save our baby. If there was nothing she could do here, perhaps she could talk to God for us.

That evening she passed, and the following morning my grandson was taken off the ventilator and lived. Cecilio is nine now and is a healthy boy after undergoing five open-heart surgeries.

Miracles--how could anyone not believe?

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