There's No Place Like Home

Families from across the country have advertised on Nola.com that they have space in their homes for the newly homeless. Some offers also include job placements for specific professions like physical therapists, while one mother of a 3-month-old infant offered to take in a baby whose parents have either disappeared or are temporarily unable to take care of their child.

More Schools Join the Effort

Duke University has joined with numerous other colleges and universities by offering admission to up to 75 displaced students who meet certain criteria. Further, the university will provide the students with housing at the homes of faculty, staff, or local alumni.

Jesus: Still Standing

Statue of Jesus, St. Louis CathedralThe New Orleans Times-Picayune blog reports that some are claiming "divine intervention" in the fact that amid total devastation around St. Louis Cathedral, a statue of Jesus remains standing after the storm. The only things missing from the statue are the left thumb and index finger, which area residents are working together to save.

Back to School

Several colleges are offering admission to students displaced by Hurricane Katrina. In Texas, where thousands of storm refugees are arriving, Rice, Southern Methodist University, and Texas Christian University are working out individual policies on how to make room at their schools for displaced students. In Florida, Florida State University, Florida International University and other schools are offering in-state tuition and other relief efforts to get displaced students into the classroom.

Also, public school classrooms are opening their doors to students in Texas and unaffected areas of Louisiana.

Making Room at the Inn

People who live near the storm-ravaged areas but were spared its wrath are opening their homes to those who were left homeless by Katrina. "I have space and people need help. That's just it," Fredia Rainey, a west Georgia resident, told CNN. Additionally, the online marketplace craigslist.org features posts from people offering free or cheap space everywhere from Oregon to New Hampshire to those who might not be able to return home for months.

Celebrities Get in on the Act

Celebrities are putting their clout behind the nascent effort to raise money for hurricane relief. Jerry Lewis' Labor Day Telethon will raise money for the cause, and the actor Morgan Freeman, who lives in the Mississippi delta, is planning an online charity auction to raise money. In addition, artists including Winton Marsalis, Harry Connick Jr., and Tim McGraw will perform in a September 2 "Concert for Hurricane Relief" to be broadcast on the NBC network.