She walked into the room and his eyes lit up.

She didn't have to say a word. Just being there was proof enough that she loved him. They had both lost someone they loved. So this day, of all days, was a difficult one. She wanted to make this work. She was hurt, lonely and afraid. It wasn't supposed to be this way.

But the fact was he knew how she felt. There was an obvious pain in his heart, too. So the one thing that strengthened their love for each other was heartache -- the most sorrowful kind.

Their eyes locked. He smiled and she responded. He had a special way of bringing a smile to her face. It was the little things he would do that would touch her heart. But we all know that the essence of true love and commitment is in the little things.

She stood there in the doorway and he motioned to her to sit next to him. Not trusting the childish grin he now had on his face, she hesitated for a moment, but gave in. She always did.

She sat at the far end of the couch teasing him, he quickly responded by sliding right next to her. She laughed and he knew it was alright. He seemed to be stumbling for just the right words. There was an awkward moment of silence between them.

In an effort to calm his nerves she reached over and held his hand. He looked at her with a grateful smile and returned the favor by placing his hand on hers.

They looked at each other again, somehow knowing that this was a difficult time for both of them.

Then suddenly he reached behind the pillow placed strategically nearby.

He pulled out a large red envelope and nervously handed it to her.

She snapped back with a look of surprise because she really hadn't expected this.

"Wait, this goes with it," he said. Then he handed her a small box, wrapped perfectly in white tissue paper of hearts and flowers.

She couldn't believe what was happening. How could he have pulled this off? And why?

"Now," he said, "read the card."

In great anticipation she ripped the envelope without hesitating. She wanted desperately to see what he had to say to her. She hung on every word.

It read as follows:

I know that this isn't easy for you. It has been a tough year for both of us. I know that Valentine's Day is a special day for people in love. I am sure that you would rather be out at a fancy dinner, I'm sorry. But I want you to know that... I love you. I know that Valentines are supposed to get chocolate. I went to the store today to buy some for you. I got the last piece. I told the clerk it was just perfect.
She stopped for a moment and looked at him. Her eyes sparkled in the light as tears formed in each corner. He knew he had done the right thing.

Slowly she unwrapped the box, careful not to rip the paper for she was sure that this was a keeper, a moment she will never forget.

Removing the lid she found a chocolate heart that was broken into pieces along with a note:

The lady said all she had left was a broken heart. I told her so did we. I am so sorry that Dad left us, Mom. But I just wanted you to know we still have each other.
Happy Valentines Day,
Love, Your son,

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