To help you get the word out you can download a badge for your social media pages by clicking the button below.

Download your badge

follow the directions seen below.

  1. Right mouse click on the image above.
  2. Select "Download image to disk" (PC) or, "Save image as." (Mac)
  3. A box pops up asking you where you want to save the image to. Navigate to the folder in which you want to keep your image.
  4. Usually you'll want to rename the image, giving it a name that will make sense to you a few months down the line. In the "Save image as" box, change the name of the picture to the name you have chosen. If you intend to use the image on a web page, make sure there are no spaces in the name you choose. If you are working on a Mac, also make sure that the name you choose ends in .jpg (if you are using a PC it will automatically insert this extension for you).
  5. Click on the "save" button. You now have an identical copy!
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