Everything is changing from technology and finances, all the way to how we govern our country. There is nothing in our lives that is not in some state of flux. For the most part, the Church has been doing things the same way for decades and, in some places, centuries! In order to remain relevant, reach the masses and not be left behind, the Church must be on the cutting-edge of innovation.

The International Pastors & Leadership Conference was created for churches, organizations and leaders who yearn not only for success, but for progress! This Conference is for people who refuse to sit idly and be eclipsed by time. Those who attend P&L are pioneers ready to take their organizations in new directions and to new heights.

Bishop T.D. Jakes has reached out to other pre-eminent Pastors and teachers like Dr. John Maxwell, Bishop Walter Thomas, Pastor John Jenkins Sr. and Dr. Steve Perry to assist him in the task of raising up the next generation of movers and shakers. These powerful soldiers in the Kingdom do not want you to be left behind!

Be it learning how to take advantage of technological advances or how to better manage your projects and staff, the International Pastors & Leadership Conference is equipped with experts in the areas that matter to your organization, and these specialists are ready to train you for the future.

It’s time to change! Our ministries, churches and organizations cannot afford to continue doing things the way they have always been done.

The Gospel must be preached! To impact the lives of the lost and affect positive change in our communities and industries, we must be able to reach people right where they are.

Change, progress and success should not be just a desire for the next generation of leaders. They must be a necessity! How will we thrive in such a fast-paced world if we continue using mediocre and time-consuming methods? We must advance. We must press forward. We must lead others to the future and not be mere participants.

If you are looking to receive the tactics, practical wisdom and key principles that will transform your organization and ministry into an influential powerhouse, the International Pastors & Leadership Conference is the optimal starting point from which you can begin the next phase of your journey!

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