When I gave my life to Christ, I made a solemn promise to the Lord: "I turn it all over to you." As soon as I said it, I then wondered how I was going to do it. Understanding the full implications of this commitment and learning how to live it out took time and introspection.

As a business owner, family man and follower of Jesus, I’ve experienced God’s faithfulness in guiding me toward surrendering my life to Him. To support you, as a fellow pilgrim, in uncovering your genuine purpose and fulfillment in Christ, there are five areas in my life I’ve been learning to fully hand over to God.

1. My Business

Any sense of control over your work is an illusion. Whether you work for yourself in a small business or a low level employee working for a large multinational corporation, God is your Managing Director. This idea fundamentally changed my approach to work. The primary purpose of my business is to point others to Christ at every opportunity. While making a profit is necessary, it is a means to further God’s kingdom. If we fail to bring in revenue, we cannot be good stewards of the resources God has given us. However, true success and provision come from acknowledging God's sovereignty over your career and business endeavors.

2. My Relationships

Our relationships must be God-centered. This principal ranges from avoiding being unequally yoked with non-believers to understanding how to respond to people based on their faith journey. The most challenging aspect for me was my family. My wife and I had placed our children at the center of our lives, overshadowing our devotion to God. We had to pray earnestly, acknowledging that our children belong to Him, and He loves them more than we do. We came to understand that God entrusted us with our children to raise and love, not to possess. This shift in perspective was crucial in realigning our relationships according to God's will. Others might be friends, parents, etc... Whatever is taking priority of your lives must be examined.

3. My Intelligence

I have always been an advocate for education, intelligence and logic. However, there is a tendency to rely on our own understanding and attempt to outthink God, dictating what we want Him to do for us. True surrender means trusting that God is infinitely wiser than we are and that He loves us deeply. While we should develop and use our minds to their fullest, we must ultimately rely on the Lord’s guidance and wisdom. He provides discernment and insights that surpass human intellect, and surrendering our intelligence to Him is essential for true spiritual growth. Stop the hubris of thinking we are smarter than God and can tell Him what to do.

4. My Freedom

True freedom is found only in Jesus Christ. This freedom, however, does not mean we are free from worldly bondage. We are either slaves to sin or slaves to God; there is no middle ground. As believers, we are called to live in this world but not be of it. Surrendering our freedom to God means embracing this paradox: by giving up our supposed autonomy and submitting to God’s will, we find true liberty in Him. This surrender involves accepting that our earthly circumstances do not define our ultimate freedom in Christ.

5. My Life

Acknowledging that my life belongs to God means being willing to speak up for my faith regardless of the consequences. This surrender encompasses every aspect of my existence. I’m a servant of the Most High and my life’s purpose is to glorify Him and bring others to know Him. This means prioritizing God's will over our personal ambitions and comfort. It’s a call to live boldly for Christ, demonstrating through our actions and words that our lives are dedicated to His purposes.

Surrendering in these five areas has been a transformative journey for me but it is a continuous process trusting the Lord and recognizing His supreme authority over all aspects of our lives. In Mark 8:34-35, Jesus outlined surrender as an important element of discipleship:

“And calling the crowd to him with his disciples, he said to them, ‘If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel's will save it.’”

How does this apply to our lives today? I’ll break it down:

• Deny yourself: This means turning away from your priorities, attitudes and old habits, to reflect a new identity in Christ. It's choosing to give up your own plans and desires, relinquishing our agenda for His greater one.

• Take up your cross: This means being willing to suffer for biblical values and to commit to following him no matter the cost.

• Follow him: This means making God the authority over every aspect of your life: family, business and how we conduct ourselves in the world.

Authentic surrender has the power to shape our hearts and minds, making us vessels of God’s love and grace in a world that desperately needs both.

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