Audio used by permission of Six Degrees Records.
After the Hanukkah candles are lit, Jews traditionally recite the short prayer Haneros Halallu (literally, "These Candles"), which briefly discusses the meaning of the candles and some of the rules associated with the. In the following song, the group Le'eyla sets this ancient prayer to a modern tune, adding a new, contemporary interpretation in English. This song is from the CD "Festival of Light 2."
Lyrics and English interpretation


Hanerot halalu anachnu madleekeem
Al haseem v'al hat'shuot v'al hameelchamot.
Sheasita l’avoteynu bayameem hahem u'bazman hazay

Al yaday kohanecha kohanecha hak'dosheem.
V'hol sh'monas yamay Hanukah (2x)
Hanerot halalu, hanerot halalu kodesh hem.

A candle and a flame, mirror of the light from within.
Can you see it as it flickers in the wind?
It's a star, but can't you see it now, far away?
What does it seem to say?

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