Primary Texts

Zohar: The Book of Splendor: Basic Readings from the Kabbalah
By Gershom Scholem
Selected passages from the primary text of Jewish mysticism, edited byt the great modern scholar of kabbalah.

The Sefer Yetzirah
Edited by Aryeh Kaplan

Translated and edited by Aryeh Kaplan

The Gates of Light
By Joseph Gikatilla
A classic introduction to the Jewish mystical tradition.

Works by Scholars and Practitioners

Meditation and Kabbalah
By Aryeh Kaplan

Meditation and the Bible
By Aryeh Kaplan

Inner Space
By Aryeh Kaplan

Stalking Elijah: Adventures with Today's Jewish Mystical Masters
By Rodger Kamenetz

Kabbalah and Consciousness
By Alan Afterman

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