July 25, CALCUTTA, India (AP) - It's no exaggeration to say that India's biggest-ever movie star--Amitabh Bachchan--is worshipped like a god.

That's exactly what some of his fans did on Wednesday, celebrating "guru purnima," a Hindu festival at which devotees make prayers and offerings to their favorite deity.

A wax dummy of the gray-bearded Bachchan was enthroned inside the club and museum run by the Amitabh Bachchan Fans Association in the eastern city of Calcutta.

Hundreds of devotees lined up to drop sticks of sandalwood into a small fire as they addressed the actor's image as "lord," "guru," even "boss." They prayed for blessings on their household Bachchan idols and photographs.

Balloons fluttered. Music from Bachchan's films blared at high volume. Priests shouted out Vedic hymns thanking him for making mankind see the difference between good and evil through his movie roles.

Then everyone prayed in unison for the star's prosperity and long life.

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